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Where is the trashcan lid?

I bought a new kitchen wastebasket at Wally World on Saturday.  Of course the lid didn’t fit.  I never try these things in the store.  There was a lid in the wastebasket, I assumed it was the lid to the wastebasket.  Silly me.  Anyway, the receipt was on the counter so the next person to go to close to the store could return it and get the right lid – and the wastebasket sat unsued in the kitchen. 

 Yesterday Steve was going to make a trek to the store so he went to grab the lid and/or wastebasket and guess what?  The lid was gone.  Meghan hasn’t seen it.  I haven’t seen it.  Steve hasn’t seen it.  We’re the only 3 people in this house.  Where the heck did the lid go?


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iPod mania?

I have to post the nutty dream I had the other night since I told CBG that I would.  I should have done it right away because I’ve forgotten some of the silly details, but for some reason the main part of the dream has stuck with me.  Another friend of mine, who unfortunately I’ve never met, was also in the dream, which I thought was really odd.  For some reason we were going shopping for something for my iPod.  I can’t remember what it was, but I had to have it as soon as possible, so we were were driving all over looking for this new store in town.  When we found it, it was obviously still under construction, cement blocks all over the parking lot and brown paper on the windows of the doors, but the store was open and ready for business.   I had to go in right away, but CBG and Karen wanted to wait in the car and listen to their iPods.  What was kind of odd about the whole thing was that they didn’t have pod headphones, they had transcription headsets on that looked like stethoscopes.  Odd.  And Karen was sitting on my purse and wouldn’t get off.  So, I finally pulled my purse out from under her and took off to go shopping by myself. 

 Once I got inside the store, which was obviously and open and teeming with customers, the first thing I saw was cleaning supplies; mops, brooms, dustpans of every color and size.  I’m sure my messy house was manifesting itself in that part of the dream.  As I continued my trek down a long hallway, which reminded me of a hospital hallway, there were some teenagers behind me asking me if I was going to see Matt Hales.  Now CBG is the Matt Hales fan here, not me… I told them no, and they went on down the hall.  The next thing I hear is some guy’s voice telling them that they were late, so they could only visit for 15 minutes instead of a half hour, and the guys who had been in the hallway were upset because their pod wouldn’t record the interview.  What the heck?

Anyway, I looked all over the store for what I needed, which I never did find.  For the life of me I can’t remember what it was now, either.  I went back out to the car, to find it snowing like crazy and CBG and Karen freezing – they hadn’t thought to turn the car on.  They were mad too, because I hadn’t been able to find whatever it was I went in there fore and then Karen promised me she’d have the place shut down.  And then I woke up.  Odd enough for you? 

Maybe some dream analyzer can explain what all this means.  I really think I have the brooms and dustpan thing figured out, but Matt Hales?  I wouldn’t know him if I passed him on the street!  And why was Karen here?  I’ve talked to her, blogged with her, e-mailed her, but never met her, so how did she end up in my dream?  The snow?  The store still obviously in the process of being built?  I’m sure there are some more hidden meanings in this, but I’ll be darned if I know what they are.   Sorry CBG, I know you were expecting something besides iPod mania and Matt Hales in MY dreams!  LOL! 

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Ya gotta wonder…

…why our new neighbors would tie a paintbrush on their tree.   (I would post a picture I took, but I can never get pictures to post on this darn blog.)   Why would they do such a thing?  It’s just an ordinary paintbrush tied about 10 feet up the tree with a piece of rope encircling the tree.  ??? Welcome to the neighborhood.


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