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Thanks for the laugh Raisinberry

Another great post from Raisinberry at Pink Truth.  Wow, she’s so good, she could do ghostwriting work for Darrel Overcash at Mary Kay!

The “Devil’s Advocate” sets the record straight…in the words of Mary Kay CosmeticsYou Pink Truth-ers have sure had some rough times. And we appreciate all you have been through. It saddens us to see just how out of hand things have gotten, but it is really not our fault.

We exist to provide a vehicle that provides jobs for all the people in Dallas, and everywhere we have a distribution center, along with our vendors, along with our manufacturing staff and facilities that ultimately provide you with commission. We really don’t see what the problem is. It’s simple math, ladies. You buy for $1 and sell for $2. How hard can this be?

Mary Kay held a pretty firm grip on the company, but she trained the National Sales Directors. She wrote a few books, she left her principles in tact. Is it our job to make sure you sales people don’t abuse each other?

Look, we never printed any of those scripts you throw around..and we don’t support any prize programs other than what is generated at Corporate. We even put a ceiling on how much you can contribute to your own car production and Queen’s Court in the last month! What more do you want from us?

Do you have any idea how much work it is to take in returns, count it up, process it, and cut checks? At least you can get a refund! And we have a bundle of them now that all you Pink Truth-ers are shaking everybody up. You aren’t being fair. Corporate is just making your product and providing you with motivation and inspiration, along with research and development along with sales support and this is how you repay us?

If you are ticked at the Nationals and Directors, you need to be talking directing to them, because frankly we have our hands full developing China and new markets in India. These will be places where women will be grateful for all we do for them and happy to have great products to sell. We just aren’t responsible for any misstatements, false claims, broken promises, sales force manipulation, and DEBT that you put yourself in because you didn’t want to be embarrassed, couldn’t say no, lacked the fortitude to hold your ground and make real business decisions for yourself, and worse, you didn’t want to consistently work and do what it takes to sell retail. It takes a lot ladies. How in the world could you think you could work 10 hours a week and make a good living? (We never told anyone to tell you that you could work part time hours for executive pay!) Who told you that we had an 80% brand loyalty? Why should you expect to be able to keep a car if your production falls short month after and month? We still have to pay for it! Ever think of that?

No, you made your own bed and we have very little to do with it. Nationals are Independent Contractors and we invite them to Dallas to counsel with us, but we pretty much just exist to make them happy. After all, without them cracking those velvet whips, we would be out of our jobs. Heck many of them don’t even like each other, so how are we supposed to rein ‘em in?

So look, we hope you understand, we simply have our hands tied and we’ll try to check in from time to time to see if anybody has a good idea about how to run this company better…but I doubt much will change. We are just cogs in the wheel, churning out products, paper, research, P.R. and tech support so you have a chance to do something good with it. Sales training just isn’t our department.

And if you choose to be stupid enough to order more product than you’ll ever sell, or believe that woman who gets her commission off your order, or allow yourself to be bullied into going to a national event you can’t afford, well don’t blame us…it’s not our fault. We’ve got 750,000 unskilled sales/consumers out there attempting to sell at Church bazaars, make their own peripheral products, trying to advertise in their local papers, selling on ebay or at their own sales meetings and its just a nightmare! Give us a break! Didn’t any of you read your contract?

So why not just have a little consideration for all the good we do and are trying to do to make your sales job easier, and BEE-LIEVE once again in the Mary Kay opportunity? If you don’t like your sales Director, then why not step up to the plate and become a better one? If you think your National is self serving, then why don’t YOU go up the Career Path and make some changes.

We all know Mary Kay works when You Do! And you know…you’d make a great Director! You might be the only Mary Kay our sales force will ever see…We sure could use your help. The Mary Kay way is the best way. And you deserve to walk out on that stage for your commitment to excellence! The same sales force lies are told over and over because you haven’t promoted yourself to management.

Truth hurts, ladies…and you know I am all about truth.


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Anyone need manure for your garden?

Here’s another load of BS from a Mary Kay director.  Thanks again to Pink Truth for sharing this. 

The stuff never ends with these people.  If my former director had e-mailed me with something like this I would have pulled my head out of my pink cloud a lot sooner!  The gall of this woman!  It’s the last part of December and she’s worried about her Cadillac so she wants her consultants to cough up another $600 order.   She’s $42,000 short when she needed $48,000 for the quarter? What the heck has she been doing for 3 months?  It always kills me the way directors talk about “our Cadillac” like you’re going to drive it.  All you did was fork over the money for it.  That’s it.  Ridiculous.  I can’t believe adults fall for this line of reasoning.  (Myself included.)  All I wanted to do was make a little money staying home doing part time work.  I sure didn’t intend to sign on with Satan!  That’s sure what it sounds like though.  Glad I’m done with the stuff.  I actually felt good to pay 6 bucks for a mascara at Walgreen’s the other day!  And guess what?  Nobody could tell the difference!  LOL! 


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Thanks PinkTruth for my laugh of the day

For anyone who has ever done MK, you understand “warm chatter”… Talk to anybody for any reason to sell anything.  It’s kind of like Russian Roulette with a makeup bag.  I, for one, hated it, absolutely hated it, so my director kept telling me it was good for me to do it, to get out of my “comfort zone”, whatever the hell that means.  Kind of like telling a soldier to get out of the foxhole, if you ask me.  Anyway… Her Royal Hiney Cream posted this today at and I laughed until I had tears running down my face.  I know if you haven’t been “warm chattered” yet in your life, and you’re still breathing, there’s a chance it could happen. Best be prepared!

I  just HAD to post this….I copied this from I think it is a pretty good article by “Lobstergirl” about warm chattering, lol

Mary Kay: The Next Jonestown?
Mar 19 ‘01

The Bottom Line RUN ! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES !

The first thing you should know about Mary Kay is that it’s a cult. They don’t want to come right out and admit this, because cults got a bad name in the seventies, but Mary Kay is just as much a cult as Hale-Bopp, the Peoples Temple, the Church of Scientology, the Shriners, the McLaughlin Group, the Fingerhut Corporation, Pottery Barn, or Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

All the necessary cult elements are present: a messianic leader, a stable of devoted disciples, an evangelistic message, a wacky mode of transportation. Hale-Bopp had a spaceship. Mary Kay has a Pink Cadillac.

Mary Kay acolytes have put the moves on me several times in the past few months. The first time was at Starbucks, which, although certainly a cult itself, is the kind of place I assumed was a safe haven from petit bourgeois cosmetics hawkers. I assumed wrong. My first mistake was to linger a few seconds too long at the newspaper stand after I’d dairified my java. Lingering, to a Mary Kay consultant, is like blood in the water, and in an instant she was on me like a shark on a surfer.

“I couldn’t help noticing how professional and well put-together you are,” she gushed, her eyebrows perfect sideways apostrophes, her foundation thick but flawless. “Do you mind if I ask you what you do?”

My second mistake was not to pretend to be deaf. “I’m in the estate planning business,” I said. This was clearly going to be a sales pitch, but from whom?

“And how do you like that? Do you see yourself doing that for your whole career?” Her face inched closer and closer to mine. “Yeah, I like it pretty well,” mistake #3 spurted from my lips.

“Well I’m a chemical engineer, but I’m also a Mary Kay consultant, and I absolutely love it. It’s a great opportunity to network with other professional women. Can I give you my card?”

“Sure,” I said, my shoulders slumping, defeated. She asked my name. Mistake #4 was giving her my real first name and a fake last name — unfortunately, the first last name that popped into my head, the rather uncommon last name of a man who works down the hall from me. Mistake #5 was giving her the main phone number of the company I work for. Great. Now the receptionist was going to be getting calls and thinking…what, that they were for this man’s wife? That I was pretending to be married to him? That I was a big fat moron?

A month later, I was accosted in Mr. Pita, this time by an overweight middle-aged consultant. I dispatched her briskly and with aplomb.

A few weeks ago, in Walgreens shopping for lip gloss, I perceived a foreign object in my peripheral vision. Before I could whirl around, she had positioned her body between me and the door.

“I couldn’t help noticing how professional and well put-together you are,” she gushed, her eyebrows perfect sideways apostrophes, her foundation thick but flawless, all memory of me gone. “Do you mind if I ask you what you do?”

“I’m in the financial services business,” I said. “And how do you like that? Do you see yourself doing that for your whole career?” Her face inched closer and closer to mine.

“Oh, I LOVE IT,” I exclaimed. “I couldn’t imagine doing anything else!”

“Well I’m a chemical engineer, and I absolutely love it, but I’m also a Mary Kay consultant, and I love that too! It’s a great opportunity to network with other professional women. Can I ask you what your name is?”

“Lisa,” I lied.

“Oh, two Lisa’s!” she giggled, giving me her card. Imagine that……her real name was the same as my fake name! This time I gave her a fake last name and my real home phone, which always goes to voicemail anyway. She also asked for my email address. I told her I didn’t have one.

She hasn’t called. But if she does, I sure as hell want to know what kind of chemical engineering gig allows her to shill for Mary Kay eight hours a day.

To summarize, here are a few tips to keep Mary Kay at bay:

1. Look slovenly or have leprosy.
2. Look really great from the back and the side, but show your facial scars, big buck teeth, and nasty boogers in front. This way, you will be able to exult triumphantly as you watch their faces dissolve in horror.
3. Appear to be extremely busy or rushed.
4. Wear a coonskin cap.
5. Show your plumber’s crack.
6. Roll up your sleeves to reveal your needle tracks or open sores.
7. Employ a man to escort you in public.
8. If you can’t find a man, round up at least three other women. Mary Kay consultants will usually not approach a group unless desperate or very, very hungry.
9. If a consultant succeeds in cornering you, try not to look like a deer in the headlights. Look like a possum instead.
10. Use intestinal gas to your advantage.
11. Tell the consultant that you LOVE what you do and wouldn’t dream of changing careers, except to take up swine farming.
12. Carry some extra business cards — someone else’s business cards.
13. Give out Marriott’s 1-800 number as your home phone number.
14. Explain to the consultant that you’d really like to stay and chat, but you have a nervous condition that makes you defecate in front of strangers.
15. If all else fails, have a grand mal seizure.

HAHA!  Thanks HRHC…


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Still blowing the pink fog away…

So I shipped all my Mary Kay stuff back last week and I was really dreading hearing from my director.  I haven’t heard a peep.  However, my niece who recruited me called last night.  I don’t want to talk to her.  I’m not avoiding her because I’m ashamed I got out of MK or anything, I don’t know what to tell her.  Steve says I should try to sell her my samples – over $100 worth, that corporate won’t buy back, but my conscience would kill me to try to unload this stuff on her.  Quite frankly, I don’t mind using it, even it it takes forever.   I have some other stuff that corporate wouldn’t buy back too, but I’ll probably just garage sale them next summer.  I know she’s not going to listen to me when I try to tell her what I’ve heard and how I feel.  She’ll probably think I’m lying to her or something.  She doesn’t have the money to waste on buying my stuff.  I can’t really see her making any money working for MK in the long run, not the way she wants too.  She still believes the crap MK spews out, “God first, family second, and MK third”.  Makes me want to vomit when I hear it now, that’s so OBVIOUSLY not what it’s about and not the way its run.  I saw in our newletter from our unit (I got one in the mail this week) that she made almost 700 last month.  For the whole freaking month.  And only 50% of that was hers.  And how much did she have to pay for daycare, or suuplies, or other marketing materials?  I found a link somewhere about what what these women “really” make.  It was appalling to think they sit at conference and tell us how they’re making money hand over fist.  Lying through their teeth about their “6 figure salaries”.  Oh maybe they weren’t lying, if they counted the decimal.  I can’t believe some of the stupid stuff my director suggested to make my business “successful” – i.e., make HER money so SHE could drive a new car.  She said we needed to get out of our “comfort zones”.  Well, honey, I’ve been in my comfort zone for a long, long time, and I have no intention of leaving it for YOU!


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