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All the news that is news…

We got a new member of the family over the weekend.  Toby came to live with us.  He’s a black and tan smooth 4-year-old male.  He’s paralyzed in his back legs, so he uses a little cart to get around.  He doesn’t have any bowel or bladder control, so we’re getting used to having to do that for him.  He’s the cutest little guy – with a BIG BARK.  But he’s so sweet.  He was dumped a high-kill shelter in Iowa, so Steve and I drove over to get him on Sunday. 

The weather absolutely sucked for about 4 days.  Rain, thunder, rain, more thunder, tornados all around us, more rain, more thunder.  We had over 7″ of rain.  I couldn’t find my camera when we went to Des Moines (drat) but the fields all looked like lakes over there.  Not ponds, lakes.  It’s going to be a while before any planting gets done, I think. 

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Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD)

My face is becoming numb again.  Drat.  I took the carbamazepime last year and I thought that’s what helped the numbness go away, but I’m taking it again and it’s only getting worse.  I mean worse as in the numbness is spreading and my jaw and left side of my face actually hurt this time, which I’ve never had before.   My neurologist told me last year he thought  maybe this was heading toward trigeminal neuralgia and maybe he was right.  I hope not, I certainly have enough pain everywhere else I don’t need any more.  Thankyouverymuch. 

I did all the female stuff this year, so I’m all done with that until next year.  Did the mammogram too, which I absolutely hate, but it needs to be done, so that’s that.  I love the way doctors  just slap you on the back and tell you you’re fine when you feel like a bag of dog doo.  I’m so tempted to slap them back and snap that I am NOT fine, but really, that would only make me feel better for, oh, say 2 seconds.  Then I’d have to feel bad for slapping the doctor and all that.  So, I guess it’s not really worth it.  😉

 I had another dream about Karen and CBG the other night.  What’s up with that?  Is everything okay with you two?  This time we didn’t go shopping (smile) all we did was sit around Karen’t apartment – yes, apartment.  How come I have to visit you at some apartment when you have a nice new house?  No hospitality there!  LOL.   I have the oddest dreams after Steve wakes me up putting the dogs in bed with me when he goes to work.  Up until then, if I’m lucky enough to sleep at all, I don’t remember dreaming.  I wonder if Abe, the beaver, and the aquanaut guy miss me too?  Even with Ambien it takes me an hour or 2 to fall asleep.  If I sleep.  I’ve had a couple sleepless nights again lately, which just makes me anxious, which makes me not able to sleep, which makes me anxious, it’s a vicious circle I tell you.  I’m thinking of asking for some anti-anxiety something or other.  I have no idea what kind of herbal tea might be good for sleep, but I’m tempted to try one.  Might have do so some research on that. 

Steve cleaned the floors on Sunday!  Yay!  Even in the bathroom….  I was shocked.  I don’t think he’s ever cleaned the floors in the bathroom as long as we’ve been married.  Which, by the way, is coming up on 19 years on the 7th.  Whew… And they said it woudn’t last… Heh.

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A small rant…

I was reading the obituaries tonight, as I usually do and I noticed that one obituary had listed survivors as sons and daughters, and then adopted sons and daughters.  My first thought was that they were maybe kids who had been close to the family, as my friend’s mom “adopted” me when I was younger, but these kids had the same last name; so I think they were really adopted kids.  Why would you do segregate them like that?  That bugs me.  So does stepdaughter and stepson, and step-grandchildren.  My thought is if you marry someone their kids becomes your kids, whether you adopt them or not.  Also, if you adopt a child and he/she has your last name why bother to differentiate betwen the biological children and the adopted children.  Seems like a snub of some sort to me.  Ah well…

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Central Auditory Processing Disorder (Syndrome) aka I’m a bad mom

Went with Meg to Boystown Institute the other day for her audiology examination.  Ouch.  That was an eye opener.  After her hearing tested out normal we went to see the ENT doctor who says her hearing is a little on the low normal size and should be followed up in 6 months to a year, but nothing too significant.  Hearing aids may help, but they may not, he can’t say for sure.  Then Meg went on to explain to him how much trouble she has hearing in situations where there are more than a couple of people, or at parties, malls, large open spaces, etc.  Hmmmm.  Now that seemed to pique his interest.  After a few more questions he concluded that she probably has Central Auditory Processing Disorder (CAPD).  Sort of like dyslexia, but it involves her auditory nerve instead of her optic nerve.  The ears are working, the auditory nerve is working, but the brain is scrambling the message it hears.  Oh.  I hadn’t ever heard of it before, but when I came home and did some research, I was floored.  These articles could have been written about Meg when she was a child.  How did I miss this?  I had her hearing tested and it was “fine”.  In fourth grade Steve and her teacher almost duked it out at parent-teacher conference because the teacher told him Meghan was just goofing off.  This was the first year she had been in a “pod” with 3 other 4th grade classes, divided only by room dividers.  The noise and confusion must have been exhausting for her, yet we didn’t investigate further why she was having so much trouble.  I just listened to the teacher and principal when they told me she didn’t belong in the one 4th grade classroom that was apart from the rest.  (Well, actually I went to visit that classroom and she didn’t belong there, the children were quite a bit behind Meg developmentally.)  But still.  I should have done something

I remember the day we were driving home from school and she told me she had learned a new word in school – this is kind of the way the conversation went:

Meg:  Hey, I learned a new word in school today.

Me:  Cool…  What was it?

Meg:  Reardevere.

Me: (Puzzled, prolonged silence).

 Meg: Did you hear me?

Me:  Yeah..   There’s no such word, Meg.

Meg: Yes there IS!

Me:  No, honey, I don’t think there is.  (In the meantime, I’m trying to remember 3rd grade vocabulary and how they could teach her a word I don’t know.  Not that I know everything, but really, third grade?)

Meg:  It’s reardevere. 

Me: (Because sometimes Meg got a little confused)  Do you mean rear view mirror?

Meg: (Getting a little huffy by this point.)  I do NOT mean rear view mirror.  The word was reardevere!

Me:  What does it mean? (Okay, so maybe I don’t know everything.)

Meg:  It’s another word for your hiney!

Me: (The light bulb comes on)  Oh!  Do you mean derriere?

Meg:  That’s what I SAID!

Now this didn’t happen constantly, but it did happen often enough that maybe I should have taken notice that something wasn’t right.  But did I?  Oh no…. So now, when she’s 26 years old, she finds out something that probably would have made her life a lot easier if it had been addressed when she was younger.  Oh hell. 

I’m never going to be mother of the year. 


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4 down and 1 to go

Buttercup had her dental last week.  I know that thrills you to no end.  It thrilled me!  No extractions or anything.  The first one who hasn’t had to have some major work done.  I’m so happy.  She was so out of it Friday night, it was hilarious, nothing like a dachshund on pain meds to be cheap entertainment for a Friday night.

We didn’t do anything special this weekend.  Went over to mom and Bob’s for dinner on Sunday, at 3 of course, so I didn’t go to church.  I can’t figure out why when I had curch at 12 all the family dinners were at 1, now that I have church at 3, they’re all at 3.  Do you suppose we’ll have family breakfasts when our block starts at 9?  Just wondering. 

Found out today that DD has another (biological) brother.  Hm.  That makes six kids (that we know of).  DD’s bio aunt called to tell me that another bio aunt had passed away this weekend from colon cancer, she wanted to be sure Meg knows her family medical history (which I think is pretty darn decent of her actually), and she happened to mention that another brother has come to light.   Apparently he may be older than DD, who, up until this point, has been the oldest (by 6 months – yeah….)  No one knew about him, or admitted it anyway, until he went into the military recently.  Interesting.  I wonder where he’s from?  You gotta wonder… 

Now, I’m a little worried about DD and her risk for colon cancer.  I was reading an article which said if you have a first-degree relative (mother, father, sibling, etc.) who has colon cancer, your risk is 3-4 times greater.  Which is a little worrisome to me, since she has problems with her stomach anyway.  I’ll feel better once she has insurance.  Really, I will. 

 DS got through his house arrest on Thursday and Friday. It’s so frustrating to raise a child and have them grow up and throw everything you ever taught them out the window.  Which isn’t exactly the case with DS, but close enough.  You just have to love them I guess.  I have to admit, it was nice to have him around again.  I had both my chicklets home for 1 night at least.  That’s still comforting to me, to have my family all together.  Do you ever get over having your kids move out and be totally on their own?  I don’t think so.  Every time we have bad weather or I hear about a car accident or something I always worry. (Quit laughing Meg, it’s not funny!) As if having them live at home is any better or I can prevent anything from happening to them. They’re probably smarter than I am about a lot of things! 

 There was a point to all this rambling, but I can’t for the life of me think of what it was.  I sat here for about 10 minutes before I even started writing, trying to remember.  I figured I get to it eventually, but it still eludes me.  Must be past my bedtime. 

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Happy Easter!  I can finally concentrate on the weekend now – I’m done working for tonight.  I have to put in another hour tomorrow, but even if I don’t get around to it, which sometimes I have to admit I don’t, I had extra hours in already, so it will just mean an hour less OT. 

Welcome to Baby Ryan Jordan, who was finally born at 6:12 this morning.  (Long night for mama!)  He weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was 18-1/2 inches long.  I still haven’t gotten to the hospital to see him, so I’ll probably go to their house over the weekend and take a peek.  I’m so excited to see him! 

I got a call from my niece this evening – her other brother (not the proud papa) was in the ER with really bad abdominal pains.  So I called my sister to let her know.  (See, I’m not the only one in my family who doesn’t speak to their mother – must be a family curse.)  Anyway, they did a CT of his abdomen, blood-work, UA, and the whole 9 yards and ended up sending him home the last I heard.  They ruled out appendix and kidney stones, so I guess it ended up being the classic “it must have been something he ate”.  Um hm.  I’d feel safer if they called what doctor’s do something other than practicing.  Hope it’s nothing serious and he’s feeling back to normal as soon as possible!

 Matt’s house arrest is officially over at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.  It’s been nice having him around actually – but don’t tell him I said that.  It was nice having both my chicklets at home last night.  Meg is off house sitting tonight for Bitchsister while she and her family head down to Missouri to see mommy dearest. 

 I’m trying to resist the urge to throttle my dad tonight.  He was going to go to Bitchsister’s house for Easter dinner, but then she decided to go to Missouri, so he called me and asked if I was having Easter here.  I told him no, we were going to Steve’s mom’s, so I’d see if she minded if I invited him.  Of course she didn’t.  So I called him back to tell him he was welcome to join us.  Well, now maybe dad’s wife’s sister-in-law (who would be my aunt I suppose – if I called my dad’s wife anything other than by her first name) might possibly be doing something so if that falls through he’ll come to mom’s with us.  What?  Excuse me, but didn’t you ask me if you could come for dinner?  I check and now maybe you have other plans?  I don’t think so mister.  Apparently I gleaned what little manners I do have from reading about them in a book somewhere.  How rude!

Buttercup had her teeth cleaned today.  Finally, a simple tooth cleaning!  No extractions!  Wheee!  Still cost $215 though.  I think I’m in the wrong business. 

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What the HELL happened?

It was like, 80 degrees the other day.  The wind chill (yes, you read that right) is now 15 freaking degrees.  I’m frozen.  My fibro is flaring.  I can’t sleep. 

And Ben, my amazing Ben, the longest wiener dog I ever owned… He ate my headphones today.  Totally ate one side, and the ear bud piece is dangling from a small piece of copper wire.  Not my iPod headphones.  Noooooo.  That would be too simple to fix.  He ate my work headphones.  The ones I just got about 2 months ago and paid about 40 bucks for.  Grrrr.  I praying that he managed to chew the piece he ate before he swallowed it so it doesn’t affect is inability to uh, get it out of his system.  I don’t need another vet bill for a dog that eats things that weren’t meant to be eaten.  And the worst part is I can’t remember where I ordered those last headphones and I can’t find them on the internet again.  Darn.  I loved those things. 

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