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Mugging in Heartland of America Park

 My son got mugged last night.  Thankfully he didn’t get hurt and it only cost him 5 dollars and a little blow to his ego.  He even found his wallet a few blocks away from where it happened with his driver’s license and ID still in it.  That was pretty luck considering the amount of identity theft that goes on today.  He was with a friend and the friend’s girlfriend last night and Matt was walking a bit behind to give them some privacy.  He got his wallet out and was checking to see how much cash he had when a guy came up from behind him, punched him in the face, and knocked him down, grabbing the wallet as Matt fell.  Seriously, I’m just glad he didn’t get hurt more than his wounded pride.  That kid has the worst luck.  It started with his conception and went downhill from there.  (heh)

I’m amazed that Toby can go,  go,  go!  If we take him out of his cart he just about flies around the house.  Tonight he wanted to play with Steve, it was so funny!  Steve would toss a toy and he would race after it and bring it back and then not want to give it back.  None of our other dogs plays quite the same.  He didn’t get tired either.  Steve is looking for ways to modify his cart, it does the job, but there are definitely some things that need to be updated.  Supposedly his old vet made it and it’s made out of PVC pipe.  Durable, but it tends to give too much, a metal one would be so much better.  Those things are cheap though, so Steve is thinking of trying to fabricate one himself.  He works with engineers, you think somebody could come up with a good idea! Toby loves to be outside too.  He literally spends hours just sitting on the deck and gazing at the backyard and all the squirrels and birds.  Maybe when we get a sturdier cart he can actually go out into the yard with the other guys.  I know he would love that!


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All the news that is news…

We got a new member of the family over the weekend.  Toby came to live with us.  He’s a black and tan smooth 4-year-old male.  He’s paralyzed in his back legs, so he uses a little cart to get around.  He doesn’t have any bowel or bladder control, so we’re getting used to having to do that for him.  He’s the cutest little guy – with a BIG BARK.  But he’s so sweet.  He was dumped a high-kill shelter in Iowa, so Steve and I drove over to get him on Sunday. 

The weather absolutely sucked for about 4 days.  Rain, thunder, rain, more thunder, tornados all around us, more rain, more thunder.  We had over 7″ of rain.  I couldn’t find my camera when we went to Des Moines (drat) but the fields all looked like lakes over there.  Not ponds, lakes.  It’s going to be a while before any planting gets done, I think. 

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What the HELL happened?

It was like, 80 degrees the other day.  The wind chill (yes, you read that right) is now 15 freaking degrees.  I’m frozen.  My fibro is flaring.  I can’t sleep. 

And Ben, my amazing Ben, the longest wiener dog I ever owned… He ate my headphones today.  Totally ate one side, and the ear bud piece is dangling from a small piece of copper wire.  Not my iPod headphones.  Noooooo.  That would be too simple to fix.  He ate my work headphones.  The ones I just got about 2 months ago and paid about 40 bucks for.  Grrrr.  I praying that he managed to chew the piece he ate before he swallowed it so it doesn’t affect is inability to uh, get it out of his system.  I don’t need another vet bill for a dog that eats things that weren’t meant to be eaten.  And the worst part is I can’t remember where I ordered those last headphones and I can’t find them on the internet again.  Darn.  I loved those things. 

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Has spring finally sprung?

I’m a weather junkie.  I admit it.  BTW, I’m totally jazzed on the Weather Channel’s new interactive radar, totally cool!  You can use the scroll on your mouse to move closer and closer until you can actually see your neighborhood and where the rain is.  Cool. 

Anyway, I was checking out the Weather Channel online tonight (why yes, I do have a very exciting life, why do you ask?) and I see that there could be potential severe weather here tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  Spring is here, spring is here!  I love thunderstorms.  Love them.  I’m certainly not making light of the severe weather/tornados that have killed so many early this spring, but for me at least thunderstorms signal the end of winter.  And I’m so ready for the end of winter.  BRING ON THE WARMTH!!!

I gave Jojo and Ben baths today.  That Ben is soooo funny.  I lathered him up and then scratched his sides to scrub him down.  He could hardly stand still with all the squirming and oooooooo’s and mmmmmmmm’s.  I’ve never heard a dog carry on so much!  Jojo just stands there like a bath is better than a beating, but not much.  But he smells so much better.  Doesn’t care much for being brushed through.  His tail had a lot of snarly snags that I couldn’t brush out so they had to be cut out, which he wasn’t happy about, but he looks so cute!  Every time I have a longhair dachshund I swear I’ll never have another, and then….. Oops, another one has come to live with us.  We’ve never had a wirehair dachshund before, I’d like to have one of those sometime too…. No, not right now.

 It’s looks like we’re all finally over the creeping crud that was hanging over the family since last week.  Steve finally went back to work today.  One more day home and somebody was going to get hurt. 

 The house was a total disaster last night so I tried to talk to him about maybe pitching in a little and picking up after himself.  Ha!  I might as well have been asking him to hire himself out for….. well, whatever.  Immediately he gets defensive, no matter what I say.  I think I started out by saying, “I really could use some more help around the house, I’m having a lot of trouble keeping it up”.  His response, “Oh.  Like I never do anything around here”.  Sigh.  Yeah, it went downhill from there.  Meg had an idea.  She said I should just stop picking up after him and take pictures every day so we can track his “progress” or lack thereof.  Haha!  Good idea. 


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A light at the end of the tunnel – oh hell, it’s a train…

Has it only been 11 days since I posted?  Hmm.   Hang on, it’s been a loooooong 11 days. 

First, the fur kids.  Just got Heidi’s teeth cleaned and it WAS less expensive than Jojo – only $310!  Which was good. 

Then, last Monday, I felt like crapola most of the day and stayed in bed.  I’m learning how this no energy thing works.  I had all the dogs in bed with me (Get BACK you non-dog people, my dogs are always in bed with me.)  About 4 or so I figured we must eat dinner so I took off to the store for a package of noodles.  Well, okay, a snuck in a little side trip to the scrapbook store to look for some page protectors, but I wasn’t gone more than an hour.  I called home to tell Steve to put the water on to boil.  No answer.  I called the daughter’s cell to see if she was home yet.  Oh yes.  She was home.  Had just arrived as a matter of fact, to a literal blood bath.  Seems Ben and Jojo had had a disagreement of some type and the fur literally flew.  Somehow in all the ruckus the baby gate had also gotten knocked down (I’m just grateful I don’t have Great Danes) and there was blood in the kitchen, in the hallway, in the living room (both of them) not to mention the little room where the dogs had been.  Blood about 3 feet up the walls and all over my gray carpeting in the hallway.  DD was hysterical, Jojo wasn’t moving, but lying pretty lifeless on the now blood-soaked 40 dollar dog bed that I just bought 2 weeks ago.  I had her grab him and called the vet, where we met about 10 minutes later.  Jojo was in sad shape, I mean SAD shape, in deep shock.  His temp was only 93 (normal is 101) and his coat (he’s a longhair dachshie) was totally matted in blood from the tip of his nose to the end of his tail.  I really thought he was a goner.  Which would have meant, much as I hate to say it, that Ben also would have been a goner.  Fortunately, after 4 days at the vet (let’s not talk about that bill) he’s home again and doing much better.  Luckily, he didn’t need a transfusion, just lots of fluids, antibiotics and painkillers. 

What about Ben, you ask?  Ben was blood soaked himself and received a nasty cut on the ear which bled like  a stuck pig, but that’s all.  Of course I was hysterical – we can’t keep both dogs if they’re going to fight like that.  They’ve both been neutered, Ruger is a male too, and he was only minimally involved (he had a scratch inside his ear and where that came from is anybody’s guess) – was it a domination thing?  Who started it?  Jojo is quite a bit smaller than Ben, so even if Ben didn’t start it, he could very easily be the winner… I called the rescue where we got them, unfortunately they’re in Missouri and were totally iced in for the 3rd week in a row, but she was willing to take Ben back.  I advertised him on the want ads, noting that of course he was aggressive (thanks bitchsister) – which of course yielded a big fat nothing in terms of calls. 

I went out and bought a muzzle as a last resort, but haven’t had to use it.  Ben has been fine, a perfect angel, with the other dogs.  Since Jojo has come home he’s been very, very sore, so he’s very surly and staying away from the other dogs as much as he can.  He only wants to be on my lap.  Ben only wants to be on the other side of my lap, (luckily I’m fat so I have a large lap) but no snarls, growls, or nips.  Nada, zip, zilch.  What the heck happened last Monday?  Ben has been playing with the other dogs – actually racing around, rolling around on the rug with them, being a perfect gentleman.  I don’t think Ben will be going back.  I’m going to take this one day at a time.  I just love them both. 

Then, the son, my darling baby boy…. GRRRRRR.  He got a ticket for procuring alcohol for a minor a couple months ago.  I wish I could get him to stay out of trouble, but as much as I’d like to… Hey, he’s 23, I’ve done what I could do, the rest is up to him.  Anyway, he went to court, they postponed because he didn’t have an attorney, his attorney made a plea bargain (just for the record, I don’t believe in plea bargains, but what the hey… I’m not in charge here.) So he has house arrest for 48 hours beginning this Thursday.  He and his roommates don’t have a landline, neither does his dad and it’s kind of required when you can’t even go out to get your mail.  So he’s going to do it here.  This should be interesting.  Forty-eight nonstop hours of him being in the house.  That hasn’t happened since he was about… Um, three?  Ah, but the good thing?  He can’t leave, so he HAS to listen to me.  Bwa ha ha… On the really down side he and his girlfriend broke up.  She was really nice too… Oh well. 

Then DD wakes me up this morning about 1:30 wanting one of my pain pills.  She has a toothache.  This toothache has been an issue since before Christmas when grandma told her to go to the dentist and grandma would pay for it.  DD has been too busy to go.  Her words not mine.  Last night the tooth reared it’s ugly head and how.  She had already gone to the store for OraJel, which didn’t work, so she wanted something stronger.  She finally went to the dentist today.  She doesn’t have a cavity.  She has a sinus infection.  A really, really bad sinus infection, according to the x-rays.  Well, she does have a cavity, but no where near where the pain is.  Now she’s on antibiotics and pain pills of her own.  Then tonight the pain gets totally out of control.  Luckily we have some good friends whose husband is a doctor and LDS to boot.  So she got a blessing and took some more pain medicine.  She’s now peacefully zonked on the sofa snoring like a freight train.  Hopefully, this will pass soon.  But that brought up the whole issue of having to go somewhere else to receive a priesthood blessing.  That’s a sore spot with me.  So I won’t be talking about THAT!

Well, I guess that’s it for now.  I seriously have to get some work done tonight and I’ve been procrastinating as much as I can.   I’m sure other things less noteworthy have happened this week, but really, who cares about that? LOL


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JoJo’s Dental – what DID I spend money on before I had 5 dogs?

Well, Jojo got his teeth cleaned  And how.  They had to extract 6 or 7 teeth and his right bottom molar had an abscessed root, so that had to be cleaned out then his left front canine tooth was abscessed up into his sinuses so they pulled the tooth, rongeured the nfected bone out, lavaged the sinuses and then stitched a flap of skin over the fistula they had created.   We’re (read that I’m)  $320 poorer (yes, that’s with the $56 discount!) but now Jojo has bright white teeth, probably for the first time in his life.  And his breath?  Like a breath of fresh air. Ok, OK, not quite, but it’s surprisingly “normal”.  I can actually hold him and not gag. 

 He sems to be awfully angry at Ben for some reason since he had his teeth done.  Poor Benny just wants to be friend and Jojo about takes his head off.  They’ve had a couple good fights – including one under he bed – they eventually rolled out the other side, but it scared me to death. We’ll keep them apart and have a squirt gun handy for when he tussles break out and hopefully this too shall pass. 

Hopefully the othe 4 won’t cost as much since their teeth aren’t as bad.  Knock on wood.

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What did I spend my money on before I had 5 dogs?

I went to the pet store tonight to get a “few” things.  My heck!  I spent $131 before I knew what hit me.  I got another dog bed – $49 (but it matches my sofa!), 2 belly bands (which were both too small so I have to take them back.  Don’t believe it when they say “small” fits a dachshund up to 15 pounds.  Liars.), 2 packages of DentaBones, a camo kerchief for Ruger that says “Ha! Now you can’t see me” (I know, not necessary, but FUN), and 2 bobos.  Oh, and a box of “diapers” for the belly bands.   Then tonight we had a major dog fight over the bobos.  I took them away for the night – kind of reminds me of when the kids were little and I had to take their toys away to keep them from fighting.  Ben is still mumbling in his sleep at the injustice of it all!  Silly boy.  Johan is having his teeth cleaned on Monday – thank heaven – we can hopefully get rid of his latrine breath.   I have never smelled such bad breath in a dog.  Ick.  By then I should be broke.  Again.  Oh well, at least these things are getting done.  All the dogs need dentals, luckily February is dental month at the vet’s, 15% off.  I just couldn’t wait even a week more for JoJo.  Rank doesn’t begin to describe the horrible odor that comes from his mouth.  And he loves me.  He loves to sit on my lap and gaze at me and breathe that horrible stench in my direction.  Ugh.  He’s such a sweet little guy, I really adore him, but I just don’t have the stomach for it any more.

Ben is coming out of his shell more and more.  He’s starting to play with the toys.  He’ll carry a couple, one at a time to some secret place then he comes in the living room and lays down on the dog bed.  You can hear the wheels start to spin about 10 seconds later.  “What if Ruger (Heidi, Buttercup, or JoJo) find it?”  Better move it.  So he gets up, gets the toys and moves them all back to the living room.  Then he lays back down.  “Oh no!  I put them out in plain sight!  What was I thinking!?”  Then he gets up and moves them again.  This entertains him for hours.  Finally he’ll realize that one of them squeaks and then he has to do what Charlie used to do, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, SQUEAK, squeak, squeak… But he has fun, so that’s what it’s all about. 

 Everyone else seems to have settled back into their daily routines, realizing that Ben and JoJo are here to stay.  They’ll even lay down with the “interlopers” for a bit before coming to their senses and going to find somewhere else to be comfortable.  It will all work out, I’m sure.  I have to admit, it’s very rewarding (for lack of a better word) to adopt rescue dogs.  I miss having puppies around, but I don’t miss the housebreaking (well, we do have a little problem now and then, but nothing like a puppy!).  I don’t miss the chewing.  And I really think these old rescued ones are just so darn grateful to have a place to call their own that it makes me feel good to give them a good warm home, soft beds, and good food.  That’s the least I can do for all the love I get in return. 

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