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A sister for Amber, a brother for me.

My nephew and his girlfriend got engaged last night.  It was quite the celebration!  We all met at her parents’ house to meet then after they arrived home after the proposal dinner.  We had so much fun!  Candace’s mom and dad are so nice, they had champagne and sparkling apple juice for those of us who don’t imbibe.  I thought that was pretty thoughtful.  Her mom had cheesecake and Tony’s dad’s girlfriend brought some spinach dip and crackers.  It was great.  Amber was so excited… She just kept saying, “Now I have a sister, now I have a sister!”  Candace reminds me of Amber too, I’m sure they’ll become great friends.  Too bad they’re living in Missouri or Kansas or some other godforsaken place.  Tony is a guard at the military part of Ft. Leavenworth, so they don’t live here anymore.  Unfortunately, he’s supposed to be going to Cuba in a couple of months, so they’re trying to decide now if they should get married by a judge before he goes and have a big wedding later.  (Which is a little crazy if you ask me, but they didn’t… lol)

The biggest surprise of the whole evening though, my brother was here.  I was totally dumbfounded.  As a matter of fact, as bad as this sounds, I didn’t recognize him.  Even his voice has changed, but I haven’t seen him for 17 or 18 years.  As I write that, I realize what a really, really long time that is.  I talked to him occasionally, but I made him mad years ago, so we haven’t had much to say to each other since.  It was really good to see him again though.  Once I realized who he was, and got over the shock of the whole thing that is.  I was telling Steve the only person in my family I haven’t seen this weekend was my mom – a streak which we decided to let rest for now.  heh

This was the big weekend.  I turned the big 5-0 yesterday, but my wonderful mother-in-law had a party for me on Sunday.  Both my sisters were there, dad was there, AJ was there, and Candace brought the baby.  Steve’s sister and her husband and daughter were there too, so we had a grand party.  It was hotter than hades though, and – wouldn’t you know it,  mom and Bob’s a/c decided not to work when they turned it on for the first time this year.  No matter though, the breeze was great out on their deck and everybody had a good time anyway.  More about that later.  I’m still speechless from seeing my brother…



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Mugging in Heartland of America Park

 My son got mugged last night.  Thankfully he didn’t get hurt and it only cost him 5 dollars and a little blow to his ego.  He even found his wallet a few blocks away from where it happened with his driver’s license and ID still in it.  That was pretty luck considering the amount of identity theft that goes on today.  He was with a friend and the friend’s girlfriend last night and Matt was walking a bit behind to give them some privacy.  He got his wallet out and was checking to see how much cash he had when a guy came up from behind him, punched him in the face, and knocked him down, grabbing the wallet as Matt fell.  Seriously, I’m just glad he didn’t get hurt more than his wounded pride.  That kid has the worst luck.  It started with his conception and went downhill from there.  (heh)

I’m amazed that Toby can go,  go,  go!  If we take him out of his cart he just about flies around the house.  Tonight he wanted to play with Steve, it was so funny!  Steve would toss a toy and he would race after it and bring it back and then not want to give it back.  None of our other dogs plays quite the same.  He didn’t get tired either.  Steve is looking for ways to modify his cart, it does the job, but there are definitely some things that need to be updated.  Supposedly his old vet made it and it’s made out of PVC pipe.  Durable, but it tends to give too much, a metal one would be so much better.  Those things are cheap though, so Steve is thinking of trying to fabricate one himself.  He works with engineers, you think somebody could come up with a good idea! Toby loves to be outside too.  He literally spends hours just sitting on the deck and gazing at the backyard and all the squirrels and birds.  Maybe when we get a sturdier cart he can actually go out into the yard with the other guys.  I know he would love that!

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All the news that is news…

We got a new member of the family over the weekend.  Toby came to live with us.  He’s a black and tan smooth 4-year-old male.  He’s paralyzed in his back legs, so he uses a little cart to get around.  He doesn’t have any bowel or bladder control, so we’re getting used to having to do that for him.  He’s the cutest little guy – with a BIG BARK.  But he’s so sweet.  He was dumped a high-kill shelter in Iowa, so Steve and I drove over to get him on Sunday. 

The weather absolutely sucked for about 4 days.  Rain, thunder, rain, more thunder, tornados all around us, more rain, more thunder.  We had over 7″ of rain.  I couldn’t find my camera when we went to Des Moines (drat) but the fields all looked like lakes over there.  Not ponds, lakes.  It’s going to be a while before any planting gets done, I think. 

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Mixed Connective Tissue Disease (MCTD)

My face is becoming numb again.  Drat.  I took the carbamazepime last year and I thought that’s what helped the numbness go away, but I’m taking it again and it’s only getting worse.  I mean worse as in the numbness is spreading and my jaw and left side of my face actually hurt this time, which I’ve never had before.   My neurologist told me last year he thought  maybe this was heading toward trigeminal neuralgia and maybe he was right.  I hope not, I certainly have enough pain everywhere else I don’t need any more.  Thankyouverymuch. 

I did all the female stuff this year, so I’m all done with that until next year.  Did the mammogram too, which I absolutely hate, but it needs to be done, so that’s that.  I love the way doctors  just slap you on the back and tell you you’re fine when you feel like a bag of dog doo.  I’m so tempted to slap them back and snap that I am NOT fine, but really, that would only make me feel better for, oh, say 2 seconds.  Then I’d have to feel bad for slapping the doctor and all that.  So, I guess it’s not really worth it.  😉

 I had another dream about Karen and CBG the other night.  What’s up with that?  Is everything okay with you two?  This time we didn’t go shopping (smile) all we did was sit around Karen’t apartment – yes, apartment.  How come I have to visit you at some apartment when you have a nice new house?  No hospitality there!  LOL.   I have the oddest dreams after Steve wakes me up putting the dogs in bed with me when he goes to work.  Up until then, if I’m lucky enough to sleep at all, I don’t remember dreaming.  I wonder if Abe, the beaver, and the aquanaut guy miss me too?  Even with Ambien it takes me an hour or 2 to fall asleep.  If I sleep.  I’ve had a couple sleepless nights again lately, which just makes me anxious, which makes me not able to sleep, which makes me anxious, it’s a vicious circle I tell you.  I’m thinking of asking for some anti-anxiety something or other.  I have no idea what kind of herbal tea might be good for sleep, but I’m tempted to try one.  Might have do so some research on that. 

Steve cleaned the floors on Sunday!  Yay!  Even in the bathroom….  I was shocked.  I don’t think he’s ever cleaned the floors in the bathroom as long as we’ve been married.  Which, by the way, is coming up on 19 years on the 7th.  Whew… And they said it woudn’t last… Heh.

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Aging parents (and a rant about the VA)

My dad hasn’t been feeling very well lately.  No big thing, at least you wouldn’t think so.  His leg has been sore for quite a while now and it’s gradually moved up from the calf of his left leg into the thigh area on the back of his leg.  A little worrisome, but dad is 74 years old and pretty active, so I wasn’t too worried about it.  He’s never been one to just sit around, and he still works pretty much full time as a security guard.  He’s a retired police officer, in case I hadn’t mentioned that before.  The first time he mentioned it to me was on Easter Sunday when we were over at my in-law’s house for dinner.   He said his leg was really feeling bad and he was limping quite a bit.  I was a little worried about a blood clot, but he said it wasn’t swollen or red, and the pain had been going on for a couple weeks.  The following week he went to the VA and saw his doctor(s).  He did get some bad news, his ophthalmologist thinks he’s developing glaucoma, but everyone in his maternal side of the family had it, so that’s not a surprise really.  It’s not even bad enough for eye drops, but his pressures have risen a bit. 

His regular doctor did some x-rays of the leg and told him she’d get back to him.  That was a week ago yesterday, on Thursday.  Well, he didn’t hear anything Friday, and the leg was getting worse and worse.  On Sunday he almost fell walking over to my sister’s house across the street (dad also has vertigo, so between the dizziness and the sore leg he was an accident waiting to happen).  On Monday I called and talked to his wife.  (Please, she’s younger than me.  She is NOT my stepmother.)  She said dad had been in quite a bit of pain the night before and hadn’t been able to sleep.  I asked her if she had called his doctor.  I swear, I’m going to throttle that woman some day.  “I don’t know who it is”.  What?  Are you not his wife?  Oh nevermind, don’t even get me started on THAT topic.  Anyway, I told her I was going to call the doctor.  Funny, I didn’t have any trouble finding out who his doctor was (even though the stupid VA did manage to disconnect my call 4 freaking times before I finally got to leave a message).  I wasn’t rude though, you would have been proud of me.  I left a message with his name and social security number, blah, blah blah…. The nurse called me back about 20 minutes later.  Surprise, surprise.  I explained to her that I was really concerned about dad, he was having quite a lot of SEVERE (I stressed severe) pain, and he was pretty unsteady on his feet already because of the vertigo, so you can imagine what a hard time he was having, yada yada yada.  I knew she couldn’t give me any information, but she assured me she’d give the message to the doctor and have her call my dad.  I found out later that my dad had also called and left a message for her to call because he was in so much pain. 

 By Monday evening he was in so much pain that his “wife” finally decided maybe he should go to the hospital and get something for his pain.  (Only after discussing it with my sister and waiting another 90 minutes – duh.)  So he went to the hospital.  Which shall remain nameless, because their ER doctor is a moron.  They did x-rays and Doppler studies to rule out a blood clot, which was good, I’ll give them that.  Then the doctor told my dad it was tendinitis and to go home and put heat on it.  He told him he didn’t have to stay home from work because staying active was going to help it heal.  They also gave him some Darvocet, woo hoo.  At least he had some relief from the pain. Okay.  

 Tuesday, no call from the doctor.  Wednesday, no call from the doctor.   Wednesday during the day Bitchsister had gone over to his house to mow the lawn (Yes, the young wife felt no need to take care of the jungle in the back yard.  Maybe it cut into her tanning bed time… Oh yeah, I’m not going to go there…)  Anyway, while sister and nephew are there, dad nearly falls twice.  Thank goodness nephew was there to literally catch him both times.  The second time he hurts twists the sore knee.  Not good.  So, Bitchsister starts to look up tendinitis on the internet, because he’s still not getting any better.  Well, hello!  Seems the treatment for tendinitis is ice, not heat, and the less activity the better.  He certainly should NOT be working for 8 hours standing on his leg.  I actually can’t give the doctor too much crap because I knew this too, and just didn’t think.  Which I really, really feel bad about.   Really…  Seriously. 

Anyway, Thursday comes and I take dad out some lunch to save him from having to eat cereal.  (Wife….? Oh yeah, not going there.)  While we’re chowing on BK the phone rings… Guess what?  It’s the VA doctor!  And it only took a week from the time of the x-rays and 4 days since dad and I both called her about his pain.  I’m glad to see nothing has changed about that VA since I worked there 15 years ago.  Idiots.  And guess what?  Dad has tendinitis!  Imagine that!  God help me, I want to go down there and throttle that woman. 

She suggested a shot of steroids to the knee (ouch) which dad declined.  She’s going to have a prescription mailed out to him for a steroid taper (any bets on how long THAT will take?) and he should feels some results in a week or so.   Augh. 


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Happy Easter!  I can finally concentrate on the weekend now – I’m done working for tonight.  I have to put in another hour tomorrow, but even if I don’t get around to it, which sometimes I have to admit I don’t, I had extra hours in already, so it will just mean an hour less OT. 

Welcome to Baby Ryan Jordan, who was finally born at 6:12 this morning.  (Long night for mama!)  He weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was 18-1/2 inches long.  I still haven’t gotten to the hospital to see him, so I’ll probably go to their house over the weekend and take a peek.  I’m so excited to see him! 

I got a call from my niece this evening – her other brother (not the proud papa) was in the ER with really bad abdominal pains.  So I called my sister to let her know.  (See, I’m not the only one in my family who doesn’t speak to their mother – must be a family curse.)  Anyway, they did a CT of his abdomen, blood-work, UA, and the whole 9 yards and ended up sending him home the last I heard.  They ruled out appendix and kidney stones, so I guess it ended up being the classic “it must have been something he ate”.  Um hm.  I’d feel safer if they called what doctor’s do something other than practicing.  Hope it’s nothing serious and he’s feeling back to normal as soon as possible!

 Matt’s house arrest is officially over at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.  It’s been nice having him around actually – but don’t tell him I said that.  It was nice having both my chicklets at home last night.  Meg is off house sitting tonight for Bitchsister while she and her family head down to Missouri to see mommy dearest. 

 I’m trying to resist the urge to throttle my dad tonight.  He was going to go to Bitchsister’s house for Easter dinner, but then she decided to go to Missouri, so he called me and asked if I was having Easter here.  I told him no, we were going to Steve’s mom’s, so I’d see if she minded if I invited him.  Of course she didn’t.  So I called him back to tell him he was welcome to join us.  Well, now maybe dad’s wife’s sister-in-law (who would be my aunt I suppose – if I called my dad’s wife anything other than by her first name) might possibly be doing something so if that falls through he’ll come to mom’s with us.  What?  Excuse me, but didn’t you ask me if you could come for dinner?  I check and now maybe you have other plans?  I don’t think so mister.  Apparently I gleaned what little manners I do have from reading about them in a book somewhere.  How rude!

Buttercup had her teeth cleaned today.  Finally, a simple tooth cleaning!  No extractions!  Wheee!  Still cost $215 though.  I think I’m in the wrong business. 

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Good News

My youngest nephew’s girlfriend is in the hospital giving birth tonight to their son.  How cool.  I’m a great aunt on MY family’s side for the first time.  I’m totally jazzed.  It’ll be cool to have a baby in the family again.  She went to the hospital earlier today, but wasn’t dilating, so they sent her home.  She went back again about 10 p.m. I guess, and was dilated to a little over a 3, so they kept her.  Last I heard she was a 5 and things were progressing nicely.  Woo hoo. 

Although I’m thrilled about a new family member, it just hit me (I mean I knew it, but it just hit me) that my dad is going to be a great-grandpa.  Wow.  We’re so lucky to still have him as healthy as he is.  My grandpa only got to be a great-grandfather once, and only for 2 months before he died, but he had had a heart attack years before.  My dad, on the other hand, is relatively healthy.  He has diabetes, but it’s controlled with diet and he has some hypertension, but that’s pretty well controlled too.  The only thing that worries me is that he has vertigo so bad.  I’m afraid he’s going to fall and break something.  All in all, he’s in pretty good shape for a guy who’s going to be 75 this fall.  He’s still working as a security guard.  I nice, sedentary laid back job where he didn’t have to chase shoplifters would be nice, but I don’t think he could handle that.  He fills in at least one night a week for a much younger (but also much lazier) guy.  I still remember telling a friend of mine when I was (obviously) just a kid, “My dad is 31 – he OLDER than your dad!”  Holy smokes, I’d like to see 31 again!  LOL! 

Anyway, I’m hoping the baby (who we know is a boy) is here by morning.  I can’t wait to see him! 

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