Mugging in Heartland of America Park

 My son got mugged last night.  Thankfully he didn’t get hurt and it only cost him 5 dollars and a little blow to his ego.  He even found his wallet a few blocks away from where it happened with his driver’s license and ID still in it.  That was pretty luck considering the amount of identity theft that goes on today.  He was with a friend and the friend’s girlfriend last night and Matt was walking a bit behind to give them some privacy.  He got his wallet out and was checking to see how much cash he had when a guy came up from behind him, punched him in the face, and knocked him down, grabbing the wallet as Matt fell.  Seriously, I’m just glad he didn’t get hurt more than his wounded pride.  That kid has the worst luck.  It started with his conception and went downhill from there.  (heh)

I’m amazed that Toby can go,  go,  go!  If we take him out of his cart he just about flies around the house.  Tonight he wanted to play with Steve, it was so funny!  Steve would toss a toy and he would race after it and bring it back and then not want to give it back.  None of our other dogs plays quite the same.  He didn’t get tired either.  Steve is looking for ways to modify his cart, it does the job, but there are definitely some things that need to be updated.  Supposedly his old vet made it and it’s made out of PVC pipe.  Durable, but it tends to give too much, a metal one would be so much better.  Those things are cheap though, so Steve is thinking of trying to fabricate one himself.  He works with engineers, you think somebody could come up with a good idea! Toby loves to be outside too.  He literally spends hours just sitting on the deck and gazing at the backyard and all the squirrels and birds.  Maybe when we get a sturdier cart he can actually go out into the yard with the other guys.  I know he would love that!


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  1. So sorry to hear what happened to your son. Glad he’s OK!

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