Where is the trashcan lid?

I bought a new kitchen wastebasket at Wally World on Saturday.  Of course the lid didn’t fit.  I never try these things in the store.  There was a lid in the wastebasket, I assumed it was the lid to the wastebasket.  Silly me.  Anyway, the receipt was on the counter so the next person to go to close to the store could return it and get the right lid – and the wastebasket sat unsued in the kitchen. 

 Yesterday Steve was going to make a trek to the store so he went to grab the lid and/or wastebasket and guess what?  The lid was gone.  Meghan hasn’t seen it.  I haven’t seen it.  Steve hasn’t seen it.  We’re the only 3 people in this house.  Where the heck did the lid go?


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