Why is this even news?

I read this article today about a  mother in Texas who wants her terminally ill child kept alive by a ventilator so that he can die “naturally, the way God intended.”  What?!  I’m a mom, too, and I know I’d want to do anything I could to keep my children alive, but how this woman can figure keeping someone on a ventilator is keeping them alive to die “naturally” is beyond me.  I’d say if you take him off the ventilator and he dies, that’s natural.  I’m pretty sure ventilators are considered “life support”.  Ah, well.  What I can’t figure out is why this is news.  Isn’t this a private issue between the mother and the hospital – or the courts and the mother, whatever.  I thought this during the Terry Schiavo case, this person’s life isn’t for public scrutiny.  I’d be horrified if I were lying in a hospital in a persistant vegetative state and my family had to fight everyone and their uncle to do what I would want them to do.  I feel sorry for this woman, I really do, what a circus. 


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