Now Ben has heartworms.  I’m not even going to ask what else can happen.  It’s too tempting for fate to let me know.   He went to the vet on Friday for his dental (they had to pull 2 teeth – my dogs are all toothless wonders, I swear).  I had then check for heartworm, since I don’t cover my dogs all year, just during mosquito season.  Jojo’s came back negative, but Ben’s was positive.  I still have 3 more to get into the vet for testing.   Ben’s was only slightly positive, so they sent it out to a lab for a recheck, even through they rarely have false positives, and it came back yesterday as positive.  He goes in tomorrow morning and we pick him up again tomorrow night.  Since he’s 10, instead of getting the usual 2 shots in 2 days, they’re going to spread them out.  He has one now and the other one in a month.  I’ve heard they’re expensive, but I’m not really sure.  I don’t want to know either.  I’ll just find out when I get the bill.  I feel so bad for him.  He’s my sweetie.  Well, they’re all my sweeties, but since Ben interacts and “talks” back to me, I feel especially close to him.  This sucks. 

On the other hand I woke up this morning to the sound of thunder.  Wonderful!  I love lying in bed listening to the rain and the thunder.  It was comforting to snuggle in and sleep a little later.  I worked until 1:30 this morning, so I deserved a sleep in.  Then my friend C from church picked me up and we went to Olive Garden for their soup and salad.  Oh yum!  I’m absolutely stuffed, but I’d eat another bowl of that salad any day!  All in all, it was a Very Good Day (so far). 


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