April (snow) showers

I keep watching the weather with the same horrified fascination someone would view a car accident.  I can’t look away.  What in the world is going on?  I can see blizzards in March, even late March, but the the middle of April?  Come on now.  There has to be some kind of cruel mix up here.  Did someone change my zip code when I wasn’t looking?  Even a dusting of snow would be okay, if I knew it was going to be 60 degrees the next day and the snow would be a brief memory, but it’s not that far away (in terms of distance)  they’re calling for possibly a foot of snow as early as tomorrow.  Really, is all this necessary?  We’ve had 80 degree plus weather already and our highs for this weekend are supposed to be in the 30s!  I’m not amused.  And keep that stinking snow away from me.  The snowblower has been put away for the season.  Are you listening to me weather man person?



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2 responses to “April (snow) showers

  1. That is so totally crazy! I am sorry that you have to loose the blossoms on the trees! Always sad when it frosts too late…

    what part of the country are you in again?

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