4 down and 1 to go

Buttercup had her dental last week.  I know that thrills you to no end.  It thrilled me!  No extractions or anything.  The first one who hasn’t had to have some major work done.  I’m so happy.  She was so out of it Friday night, it was hilarious, nothing like a dachshund on pain meds to be cheap entertainment for a Friday night.

We didn’t do anything special this weekend.  Went over to mom and Bob’s for dinner on Sunday, at 3 of course, so I didn’t go to church.  I can’t figure out why when I had curch at 12 all the family dinners were at 1, now that I have church at 3, they’re all at 3.  Do you suppose we’ll have family breakfasts when our block starts at 9?  Just wondering. 

Found out today that DD has another (biological) brother.  Hm.  That makes six kids (that we know of).  DD’s bio aunt called to tell me that another bio aunt had passed away this weekend from colon cancer, she wanted to be sure Meg knows her family medical history (which I think is pretty darn decent of her actually), and she happened to mention that another brother has come to light.   Apparently he may be older than DD, who, up until this point, has been the oldest (by 6 months – yeah….)  No one knew about him, or admitted it anyway, until he went into the military recently.  Interesting.  I wonder where he’s from?  You gotta wonder… 

Now, I’m a little worried about DD and her risk for colon cancer.  I was reading an article which said if you have a first-degree relative (mother, father, sibling, etc.) who has colon cancer, your risk is 3-4 times greater.  Which is a little worrisome to me, since she has problems with her stomach anyway.  I’ll feel better once she has insurance.  Really, I will. 

 DS got through his house arrest on Thursday and Friday. It’s so frustrating to raise a child and have them grow up and throw everything you ever taught them out the window.  Which isn’t exactly the case with DS, but close enough.  You just have to love them I guess.  I have to admit, it was nice to have him around again.  I had both my chicklets home for 1 night at least.  That’s still comforting to me, to have my family all together.  Do you ever get over having your kids move out and be totally on their own?  I don’t think so.  Every time we have bad weather or I hear about a car accident or something I always worry. (Quit laughing Meg, it’s not funny!) As if having them live at home is any better or I can prevent anything from happening to them. They’re probably smarter than I am about a lot of things! 

 There was a point to all this rambling, but I can’t for the life of me think of what it was.  I sat here for about 10 minutes before I even started writing, trying to remember.  I figured I get to it eventually, but it still eludes me.  Must be past my bedtime. 


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