Happy Easter!  I can finally concentrate on the weekend now – I’m done working for tonight.  I have to put in another hour tomorrow, but even if I don’t get around to it, which sometimes I have to admit I don’t, I had extra hours in already, so it will just mean an hour less OT. 

Welcome to Baby Ryan Jordan, who was finally born at 6:12 this morning.  (Long night for mama!)  He weighed 6 pounds 12 ounces, and was 18-1/2 inches long.  I still haven’t gotten to the hospital to see him, so I’ll probably go to their house over the weekend and take a peek.  I’m so excited to see him! 

I got a call from my niece this evening – her other brother (not the proud papa) was in the ER with really bad abdominal pains.  So I called my sister to let her know.  (See, I’m not the only one in my family who doesn’t speak to their mother – must be a family curse.)  Anyway, they did a CT of his abdomen, blood-work, UA, and the whole 9 yards and ended up sending him home the last I heard.  They ruled out appendix and kidney stones, so I guess it ended up being the classic “it must have been something he ate”.  Um hm.  I’d feel safer if they called what doctor’s do something other than practicing.  Hope it’s nothing serious and he’s feeling back to normal as soon as possible!

 Matt’s house arrest is officially over at 9 a.m. tomorrow morning.  It’s been nice having him around actually – but don’t tell him I said that.  It was nice having both my chicklets at home last night.  Meg is off house sitting tonight for Bitchsister while she and her family head down to Missouri to see mommy dearest. 

 I’m trying to resist the urge to throttle my dad tonight.  He was going to go to Bitchsister’s house for Easter dinner, but then she decided to go to Missouri, so he called me and asked if I was having Easter here.  I told him no, we were going to Steve’s mom’s, so I’d see if she minded if I invited him.  Of course she didn’t.  So I called him back to tell him he was welcome to join us.  Well, now maybe dad’s wife’s sister-in-law (who would be my aunt I suppose – if I called my dad’s wife anything other than by her first name) might possibly be doing something so if that falls through he’ll come to mom’s with us.  What?  Excuse me, but didn’t you ask me if you could come for dinner?  I check and now maybe you have other plans?  I don’t think so mister.  Apparently I gleaned what little manners I do have from reading about them in a book somewhere.  How rude!

Buttercup had her teeth cleaned today.  Finally, a simple tooth cleaning!  No extractions!  Wheee!  Still cost $215 though.  I think I’m in the wrong business. 


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