What the HELL happened?

It was like, 80 degrees the other day.  The wind chill (yes, you read that right) is now 15 freaking degrees.  I’m frozen.  My fibro is flaring.  I can’t sleep. 

And Ben, my amazing Ben, the longest wiener dog I ever owned… He ate my headphones today.  Totally ate one side, and the ear bud piece is dangling from a small piece of copper wire.  Not my iPod headphones.  Noooooo.  That would be too simple to fix.  He ate my work headphones.  The ones I just got about 2 months ago and paid about 40 bucks for.  Grrrr.  I praying that he managed to chew the piece he ate before he swallowed it so it doesn’t affect is inability to uh, get it out of his system.  I don’t need another vet bill for a dog that eats things that weren’t meant to be eaten.  And the worst part is I can’t remember where I ordered those last headphones and I can’t find them on the internet again.  Darn.  I loved those things. 


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One response to “What the HELL happened?

  1. Hehehe I love dogs! I don’t love their mischief, but I love them!

    Good luck finding new headphones!

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