Ya gotta wonder…

…why our new neighbors would tie a paintbrush on their tree.   (I would post a picture I took, but I can never get pictures to post on this darn blog.)   Why would they do such a thing?  It’s just an ordinary paintbrush tied about 10 feet up the tree with a piece of rope encircling the tree.  ??? Welcome to the neighborhood.



Filed under What the heck?

2 responses to “Ya gotta wonder…

  1. Jeni

    They may use it for birds or they may use it to control other types of animals, ie: moths, certain worms that are in a nest on the limbs. Not sure, but interesting…why don’t you ask?

    with love, Jeni

  2. I’m going to do that next time I see them outside. I thought I would be kind of rude to go up to the door and ask, “Why do you have a paintbrush tied to the tree?” Sounds kind of accusatory of something. But I am going to ask! LOL

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