Has spring finally sprung?

I’m a weather junkie.  I admit it.  BTW, I’m totally jazzed on the Weather Channel’s new interactive radar, totally cool!  You can use the scroll on your mouse to move closer and closer until you can actually see your neighborhood and where the rain is.  Cool. 

Anyway, I was checking out the Weather Channel online tonight (why yes, I do have a very exciting life, why do you ask?) and I see that there could be potential severe weather here tomorrow.  Woo hoo!  Spring is here, spring is here!  I love thunderstorms.  Love them.  I’m certainly not making light of the severe weather/tornados that have killed so many early this spring, but for me at least thunderstorms signal the end of winter.  And I’m so ready for the end of winter.  BRING ON THE WARMTH!!!

I gave Jojo and Ben baths today.  That Ben is soooo funny.  I lathered him up and then scratched his sides to scrub him down.  He could hardly stand still with all the squirming and oooooooo’s and mmmmmmmm’s.  I’ve never heard a dog carry on so much!  Jojo just stands there like a bath is better than a beating, but not much.  But he smells so much better.  Doesn’t care much for being brushed through.  His tail had a lot of snarly snags that I couldn’t brush out so they had to be cut out, which he wasn’t happy about, but he looks so cute!  Every time I have a longhair dachshund I swear I’ll never have another, and then….. Oops, another one has come to live with us.  We’ve never had a wirehair dachshund before, I’d like to have one of those sometime too…. No, not right now.

 It’s looks like we’re all finally over the creeping crud that was hanging over the family since last week.  Steve finally went back to work today.  One more day home and somebody was going to get hurt. 

 The house was a total disaster last night so I tried to talk to him about maybe pitching in a little and picking up after himself.  Ha!  I might as well have been asking him to hire himself out for….. well, whatever.  Immediately he gets defensive, no matter what I say.  I think I started out by saying, “I really could use some more help around the house, I’m having a lot of trouble keeping it up”.  His response, “Oh.  Like I never do anything around here”.  Sigh.  Yeah, it went downhill from there.  Meg had an idea.  She said I should just stop picking up after him and take pictures every day so we can track his “progress” or lack thereof.  Haha!  Good idea. 



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2 responses to “Has spring finally sprung?

  1. Bitchsister

    Had to call and get Valentine’s valium refilled today. She was trying to dig her way to China under Sarah’s bed during the thunderstorm last night. Adam came to sleep with me because the lightning “kept him up”. Yeah, right.

  2. I didn’t even hear it, darn it. I was so sound asleep. Maybe tonight? Poor Val, I feel so sorry for her. I’m lucky that none of my five are afraid of storms.

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