Why, why do I read this stuff?

In People magazine today Tori Spelling is quoted as saying, “motherhood rocks”.  Oh haha!  Ha ha HA!  I don’t know this for a fact, so I probably shouldn’t say anything, but I rather think that what Tori Spelling knows about motherhood could be written on the sharp end of a pin!  Do you mean to tell me that with all of her money she actually “mothers” her child.  I seriously doubt it.  Which kind of started me thinking… (uh oh….)

How many “stars” really mother their children?  I guess I should be politically correct and say “parent” their children, to include the men.  Even though I’m of the opinion that mothers do 90% of the parenting anyway… But, that’s not the point.   I know when you work you hire babysitters, yada, yada, yada… That’s not what I’m talking about. 

I’m talking about getting up after you’ve just gotten to sleep with a puking 12 year old, I’m talking about waking up in the middle of the night with a wet diaper in your face, bandaging bloody knees, mediating sibling rivalry (or best-friend rivalry), making dinner the majority of the time – and being there to eat it with them, being there for a hug and kiss at bedtime, loving chocolate, Kool-Aid, or mud-flavored kisses, wiping snotty noses and dirty bums… That’s what I’m talking about.  Do you mean to tell me that the majority of the “stars” of Hollywood do that?  I doubt it.  Seriously… Can you picture Tori Spelling cleaning up after a baby has had explosive diarrhea all the way up to their armpits? Me either. 

 Well at least they can blame the nanny in years down the road when the kid doesn’t turn out the way they wanted.  Heaven knows there have been times when I would have liked to blame the nanny. (Hey!  Close that door!  Where you raised in a barn?!)  Then I remember- I didn’t have one. 



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2 responses to “Why, why do I read this stuff?

  1. Bitchsister

    I know I LOVE being a mom. Oh sure, there are days I wanna flush the kids down the toilet, but they are so much FUN! I can’t believe how smart they are either. The other night while watching TV, there was a couple lightly “making out” and went into the bedroom and all it showed was the door being shut. Adam said, “I know what they’re going to do…FORNICATE!” OMG!!! I almost fell off the sofa! He said he read it in a book at school. Granted, the twins got an early education on that because of being molested at the young age of six, but STILL!

  2. Well…. At least he said fornicate! LOL! Save the bar of soap for something really bad! Haha!

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