Oh, to be talented…

I was looking at CBG’s knitting and I’m so jealous.  Not jealous like, I wish she’d make me something, but jealous like, I wish I had some talent.  I’m sure I do have talent.  Somewhere.  For something.  I just haven’t discovered it yet.  I crocheted an afghan once, that was okay, but it was a pain in the butt.  It was one of those zig zag things, so I had to go back to every row and do whatever it is you call it when you hide the loose ends.  I also crocheted about 900 granny squares (not really, it just felt that way), but then by the time I got to the putting it together phase I was sick of looking at it.  Obviously patience is not one of my talents. 



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4 responses to “Oh, to be talented…

  1. You’re a good weiner mom!

  2. Haha! Thanks! Maybe I should change my homepage to Weiners R Us!

  3. Bitchsister

    Min…Min…Min…you have TONS of talent! And you’re super smart. Let me name some of your talents…

    1. sewing (you oughtta SEE some of the stuff she’s made!)
    2. scrapbooking (I’m jealous of you more than you’ll ever know for the patience you have to do this)
    3. crocheting…again, is that even a word? You do MARVELOUS work!
    4. drawing…now I know where my Adam gets it…from his Aunt Mindi!

    Get on, girl! You got it goin’ ON!

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