Hellooooooo Monday!

I’m glad to have this weekend be over! It was just one of those weekends from hell!  Steve is sick, Meghan had a friend stay over Friday and Saturday (although that really wasn’t a bad thing, it’s not like she’s 10 or anything), and I had to work. 

The days seem to draaaaaag when you have to work on the weekend.  I feel like I haven’t done anything besides work and sleep.  Wait, maybe I haven’t!  After I couldn’t sleep last night, which makes for a stinking long night, I worked from 1:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. tonight.  I know I left lots of stinky dictation for the other girls, too, for which I sincerely apologize, but you should have seen, or rather HEARD, some of the dictation that I did do!  Yikes!  I did get over 1000 lines both days, so I actually did a lot of work, it wasn’t one of those head-banging weekends where you work and work and check the line count to find out you’ve only done 500 lines!  Those days are really bad!

My soon-to-be-a-daddy nephew found a ring for his girlfriend this weekend, he’s pretty excited about it.  I’m glad for him.  I hope things work out.  Soon-to-be-mommy wasn’t feeling so well this weekend, so she’s staying with her parents untl the baby is born.  They moved up the due date from April 11 to April 1 at the last ultrasound.  STBM makes me ill, I don’t think she’s gained 20 pounds.  Ugh.  When I was pregnant, I looked pregnant!

My niece was sick this weekend with the nasty stomach flu. Poor Bitchsister – I wasn’t ever good with puking kids, even when they were mine!  I hope those germs don’t find my house.  Steve’s just had the body aches, temperature and chills.  I don’t want that either, but that’s much preferred over barfing.  Ewwwww.

I got my prednisone sweat shirt on Friday.  I love it.  And it just suits me to a T!  Haha!  Check out cure4lupus.org, they have some cool stuff there, even if you don’t have lupus you can make a donation. 

 I also got my Super Scrabble game!  Whoo!  Meg and I played a game Saturday afternoon, but I haven’t had time to play again.  I was hoping to get a game in today, but no such luck.  Darn.  I’m a Scrabble addict, although I’m not very good at it.  I have to get a Scrabble dictionary so I can read it and bone up on some really obscure words…

Okay, I’m too tired to think now.  Maybe I’ll sleep tonight.  Have a good week!



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2 responses to “Hellooooooo Monday!

  1. When we were kids we used to play Boggle or Scrabble, with the rule that if you could make up a good definition of the word then you got to keep it….strange of course. So when I went to college some guys in my ward there had a Scrabble night. I thought, “Hey, fun!” Not so much. They played with a dictonary and argued about words and points and so on. I only went the one time….

  2. Oh, my daughter would love to play Scrabble with you! The words she makes up… We’d have a great time!

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