A no sleep night

I hate these.  I was anxious all afternoon and couldn’t wait to go to bed an get warm and get some sleep.  I went to bed, we watched “The Corpse Bride”I took the Ambien and waited.  And waited.  And waited.  Steve snoring happily, joyfully, from his side of the bed.  I had some stupid earwig that I coudln’t get rid of.  Then I had about a bazillion thoughts going through my mind about all sorts of different things, nothing was seemingly related to the other.  All these thoughts were lined up at one time and then theywere out of the gate like the Indy 500 (I guess that would me the Mindi 500) and I haven’t had the same thought since, they’ve been flying around in my head so fast, I can’t even catch a good one.  Now I just can’t think straight. So a couple hours before everyone esle is ready to get up, I’ll be going to bed.  Life is so not fair.  it’s just NOT FAIR!!!


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