Oh Grandpa!

I had a good laugh with Meg and Steve the other night when we were talking about my grandpa.  Funny, how sometimes memories just come out of nowhere, but I remember when I was a lot younger (probably about 5) and one night my grandpa said, “I saw you pee on a railroad car”.  What?! I was mortified, he saw me pee where?  I never did such a thing.  Haha!  What I was hearing and what he was saying were 2 different things entirely.  He was saying, “I saw UP on a railroad car”.  It was funny once I got it, but I was really embarrassed until then… Something about bathroom humor in my family must be genetic.  When mom and dad bought the house on O Street dad said the best thing about the house was we only had to go a block to P.  (To anyone who doesn’t live in Omaha, there’s a section of our named streets that go through the alphabet – duh.)  Oh ha ha dad. 

Another trick grandpa used to drive us crazy was “Mississippi is a very hard word to spell.  I bet you can’t spell it”.  Of course I could spell Mississippi, and I did, and he kept telling me I was wrong. D’oh!  That one took a while.  He was quite the kidder, that grandpa of ours…


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