ER Visit

DD’s sinuses, teeth, face, whatever were still really bothering her tonight.  Even after all her Tylenol 3, she was in tears again tonight.  She called her dentist’s after hours number.  He didn’t return her call.  She calls the emergency dental clinic – they can get her in on Thursday.  Wow that’s convenient – if you can plan your emergencies ahead of time.  I always do that, makes it easier to get appointments.  sheesh.  She called our dentist, who wasn’t home, so she left a message on his answering machine.  By 8:30 she was in so much pain I figured to heck with it.  If it truly is her sinuses, the dentists are all going to say they can’t do anything more about it, so I took her to the local emergency room.  What a treat.  You kind of know how the rest of the visit is going to go when there’s 2 cops and 3 security officers in the waiting area with a bunch of people.  Sorry.  Wrong hospital…

They eventually took off.  Pretty soon a nurse comes out to talk to this HUGE black guy in the waiting room.  He follows her back into the ER area.  Meanwhile, a social worker or something comes out and is talking to the lady in the little waiting area where we are.  There are 3 waiting areas, two on one side of the hall, separated by a glass window and one across the hall for kids, with toys and stuff.  The woman is obviously pouring her heart, soul, kidneys, stomach, etc., out to the social worker.  Apparently she has a 14-year-old daughter who is… well, quite frankly, a little bit of a behavior problem.  Seems she was in a psych hospital in Chicago where this family was from for 6 weeks before they moved here.  She’s been trouble from day one, now she mimics other behaviors she saw while she was in the psych hospital.  Another patient had swallowed a screw which perforated her intestines and she nearly died, so now this woman’s daughter has been swallowing things.  She can’t work because she can’t leave her daughter home alone, now the daughter is saying she’s pregnant by a guy in her class at school, but the mom really doesn’t think she even knows the guy, but she’s been such a problem… Believe me, I learned this much by trying NOT to listen!  Finally Meg and I moved to the other waiting area to give them some privacy.  Not that it really mattered, but more on that later.  

 The nurse comes out to get us to take DD’s vitals and stuff and when we return to the waiting room the black guy is sitting where we had been with some black lady and the woman with the wacko daughter is gone, so we sit in the first waiting room again.  Pretty soon the guy gets on the phone with someone and they get into a fight.  A pretty loud fight.  The woman with him keeps ranting and raving about the woman on the other end of the phone giving everybody herpes… Oh my.   Then the guy hangs up and starts yelling a bunch of racial stuff.  Meg and I are the only 2 white people sitting there.  A little uncomfortable, to say the least.  I’m thinking he’s not quite the sharpest crayon in the box to begn with and by now he’s making me very, very nervous.  Oh, and did I mention I have on an Omaha Police sweatshirt.  Why not just paint a target on my chest?   The nurse comes out to get them, the woman with him is talking about maybe getting a straight-jacket for him ’cause he’s nuts… Really?  I feel SO much better now…

The woman with the maybe pregnant daughter comes back and starts telling us her life story – hello- we already heard it.  I take out my dachshund pictures to change the sutbject…  (Are there no doctors working tonight, ’cause we can always come back another time…)  About this time the black guy takes off out of the exam area to the parking lot, yelling the whole way.  Where DID those cops go, anyway?

Brother!  By the time they called Meghan in, she was really in a lot of pain, her last pain pill had been more than 4 hours before and she was hurting pretty bad.  Now, if you don’t already think so, you’re going to think I’m a terrible mom.  Meg has always had this habit, ever since she was a little girl, of sounding like an air raid siren when she starts to cry.  Kind of like oooooooooOOOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWWWWWWWWWoooooooooo.  Guess you have to be there… Anyway, she’s off on one of these crying binges and I can’t quit laughing.  It was awful.  I think it was the stress of thinking I was going to die in the waiting room…

The doctor can’t decide what’s wrong, first he thinks it’s TMJ, then he thinks maybe it really is her sinuses, then he’s back to the TMJ.  He’s telling her not to finish her amoxicillin since it’s not an infection, then he’s telling her it might be an infection, so she should finish it…. Even I was confused!  Finally he decides he’s going to give her Toradol for pain and a couple steroid injections for any inflammation.  Fine.  So we wait another 45 minutes or so before the nurse comes in with the injections.  Meghan takes one look at the needles and she’s off on another crying tangent – even worse.  Those of you who have toddlers know what I mean.  Unfortunately, scenes like this with 25-year-old toddlers are NOT pretty.  The nurse is trying to give her the injections, but she’s hysterical and shaking and the nurse doesn’t want her to shake because she doesn’t want the injection to hurt more than it has to.  Oh, for the love of Pete…. I just want to get out of there and go home! 

Well the shots ended up being fine.  She was LAUGHING by the end of the second one (no matter, by that time I was having an anxiety attack).  But then of course we have to wait another 20 minutes for them to come in and take her blood pressure.  Lady, take MY blood pressure, I’m the one having an anxiety attack.  I asked her how long we had to wait since I was supposed to have been at work 45 minutes before.  “Oh, I’ll get Tom and we’ll get you right out of here”.  Pretty familiar with the docs in that ER… Anyway, another 45 minutes pass before she comes back with DD’s discharge instructions.  Then “Tom” comes in to add his 2 cents… Just let me OUT of this place for Pete’s sake…. 

 Oh, and the best part… The doctor got all ticked off because he thought we were “mocking” him!  He was telling us that maybe her jaw hurt from talking, we both started laughing because, well she DOES talk a LOT.  So she made the motion with her hand of someone talking, you know the one I’m talking about… He gets all ticked off… “Look, I’m trying to help you here.  If you’re going to sit there and mock me…” What the heck?  Lighten up buddy!  That in itself made the whole visit worthwhile… Mocking the doctor indeed.  Which leads me to believe that doctor’s really do have a God complex…

Anyway… We’ll see how things go tomorrow.  Sigh.  I know I’m not up for another trip to the ER anytime soon. 



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2 responses to “ER Visit

  1. Bitchsister

    Oh my poor Meghan…and Mindi! My goodness! My life is so peaceful compared to yours! I felt sorry for Meg yesterday when I took her to run her errands. I could tell she was in pain then…so I took her out for ice cream to make her feel better. Thank GOD for aunts like me!

    Tell Meg I hope she’s feeling better. She’s so worried about missing school. Too bad she doesn’t worry more about getting a job! BWA ha ha ha

  2. Er’s are a joke! I have heard more and more of these stories. Man, I would almost rather get no sleep from the pain than go into an ER!

    I hope that Meg feels better soon, and that you guys are able to get on top of the problem!

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