Freak Out!

I read the Britney Spears thinks her mom will “freak out” over her bald head.  Let me tell ya Missy, she’s probably freaking out over more than your bald head by this point in time.   That’s the least of her problems.  And yours.

And another thing!  I take my computer to work last week to have them do whatever it is computer geeks do to allow us to receive our hospital e-mail at home, and when I get home I discover that my medical dictionary is missing from Word.  What the heck?  Nobody could figure out how to fix what happened, but I finally got an e-mail today (this happened last Tuesday) that if I call the MIS guys they can fix it without me having to bring my CPU back in.  I would think.  I’ve worked for at least 5 at home transcription companies who could ALL manage to update, diagnose and fix out computer via PC Anywhere or some other darn thing (I’m no geek, sorry), but for some reason, the hospital insists that any time any updates be done we have to bring the computer up to them.  Listen, I work until 6:30 a.m. I’m NOT driving 40 miles to sit around a dank, smelly hospital basement for a couple more hours while you repair something you never should have messed with to begin with!  I don’t care if I do get paid for it.  My cohort (oops, coworker) at night told me they “fixed” hers yesterday but she’s still been having to add words right and left because we have our lead transcriptionist’s basic dictionary and she doesn’t have all the words in it.  Excuse me?  Has anyone ever heard of Stedman’s Medical Spellchecker?  And why were these words in the dictionary before and now they’re gone and we can’t get them back?  Something is rotten in Denmark  (apologies to any Danes I may have inadvertently insulted).



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3 responses to “Freak Out!

  1. I think most mothers would “freak out”. It’s not the normal thing for your daughters to do.



  2. If my DD shaved her head I would freak out. For her that would be radical. If I were Britney’s mom I would have started freaking out when she was getting married in Las Vegas for less than 24 hours, showing her crotch to the world and joining ranks with Paris Hilton!

  3. I agree that its a little late for her mom to freak out… but then, she is a grown woman (I guess I have to admit that, even though she definitely doesn’t act like it)….

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