Oh to be perfect…

 As my darling sister so tactfully pointed out earlier in my post about proofreading, I am not above making spelling errors.  (TYVM)  But there are times when I can’t hold my frustration in any more.  So, if you think I’m perfect and come here to pick apart my spelling, go away.  I’m going to complain. 

1.  You do not loose your tooth.  Your tooth may be loose, but you lose your teeth.  You lose your temper, you don’t loose it.  This is the most infuriating thing!  I know sometimes you just hit that “o” one extra time, but when the same person does it over and over and over – you don’t know how to spell it.  Look it up.

2.  I had a run in with a nurse this past weekend.  She was freaking rude.  I can only imagine the reason she was rude was because she had to boss someone around and I was her lucky target.  Guess what honey? You need to learn to spell too.  Plindil is not a drug, Plendil is.  And Trintil isn’t a drug either, but Trental is.  We work in a small hospital, but it’s a good one.  When a patient is being transferred to a big hospital and you make stupid errors like this, you look like you work in a some hick town with a 2-bed hospital.  This is especially irritating because we as transcriptionists sure as heck would get out butts in a wringer (not ringer) if we misspelled drugs. It isn’t okay just because  you’re a nurse. 

3.  “I have new friend who does Quixtar, and I have to bite my tongue when she talks about it! She and her husband came over to give us the spill”.  What the hell?  Does she mean spiel?  

Okay, that’s it for now.  I do work for a living.  Heh.



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3 responses to “Oh to be perfect…

  1. We have a boy in our ward with cancer and he’s been on some wicked chemo, so his immune system is basically shot, and his Mom and sister can’t be exposed to too many germs or he will get very sick, so our Bishop finally made the announcment in sac. mtg. that if you were sick, even with a sniffle you needed to stay home, so this family would not get your germs. It worked for a little while, but people are pretty much ignoring this request. I never understand the mentality that unless you are bleeding out you must be at church. I think it’s very rude to bring your drippy nosed kids and self to church, shake hands and pass on the crud. I am so Monkish when I’ve been in church this winter….I won’t touch anything and I’m at the point where I don’t want to shake hands with anyone. Last winter I was so sick, and I kept getting sick from all the germ sharing at church.

  2. Unfortunately, we’re all in a rush and it happens. I find it, too, when I go back and re-read emails at work or my blog posts, etc. Speaking of which:

    “…we as transcriptionists sure as heck would get out butts in a wringer…”

    What’s an out butt? 😛

    luv ya (ducking)

  3. Why CBG! It’s the opposite of an in butt! LOL

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