Cold hands, warm… (NOTHING!)

To heck with a good 5-cent cigar, this country needs heated keyboards and mouse(s?) LOL.  Seriously though, my hands are about frozen, I feel like I’m pounding the keys with icicles attached to the stumps of my frozen arms.  Now I know how Edward Scissorhands must have felt, surely he didn’t have feeling in those blades!  I have the space heater going full blast (I gave up on the propane thing, gave me a headache) and I have to keep reaching behind me with one hand or the other to warm up my hands.  If the keyboard were warm… Too bad I’m not an inventor type geek I’d invent one and make millions! 

Oh, and I went to Church this weekend because Chantal was sick and of course one person can’t handle primary… (I hope they remember that the next time Diana and Chantal both go to Utah at the same time for 2 weeks in a row)  Chantal and her whole family has been sick with the upper respiratory flu, Bonnie Cornick (the Sunbeam teacher) and her entire family have been sick, half the primary kids were gone, or else they came to church hacking and wheezing, and guess what?  Tonight I’ve had the chills off and on, a tickle in my throat started about 3 hours ago, now I’m sneezing my head off and my nose is running.  DARN IT!  Seriously, I’ve been avoiding primary like the plague (well, I’ve been avoiding all overcrowded places) for the past month hoping to avoid the crud and all I did was go to Primary ONCE and now I’m catching something.  Please God, don’t let it be the crud.  I don’t want the crud. 

Steve leaves for Chi-town again tomorrow.  Heh heh, the wind chill there this evening was -33, while it was only 0 here.  He’s driving though, so I hope the weather holds.  He said last time he had to go he had to wait 4 hours at the airport and it only takes 6 hours to drive, so he got the company car and off he goes tomorrow.  He has a presentation to make Thursday morning I think, and then hopefully he can come home and be back by really late Thursday night or else early afternoon Friday if he can’t leave until morning.  I’m going to miss the nice warm basement. There’s not going to be anyone to keep the woodstove going (I hate that fire-breathing piece of cast iron), so I’m going to just turn the thermostat up.  I’m going to miss the nice, warm family room though…


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  1. “I’ve been avoiding primary like the plague”

    Chicka, primary is the plague! Clearly! Hope you are feeling better. That creeping crud stuff sucks!! 😦

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