JoJo’s Dental – what DID I spend money on before I had 5 dogs?

Well, Jojo got his teeth cleaned  And how.  They had to extract 6 or 7 teeth and his right bottom molar had an abscessed root, so that had to be cleaned out then his left front canine tooth was abscessed up into his sinuses so they pulled the tooth, rongeured the nfected bone out, lavaged the sinuses and then stitched a flap of skin over the fistula they had created.   We’re (read that I’m)  $320 poorer (yes, that’s with the $56 discount!) but now Jojo has bright white teeth, probably for the first time in his life.  And his breath?  Like a breath of fresh air. Ok, OK, not quite, but it’s surprisingly “normal”.  I can actually hold him and not gag. 

 He sems to be awfully angry at Ben for some reason since he had his teeth done.  Poor Benny just wants to be friend and Jojo about takes his head off.  They’ve had a couple good fights – including one under he bed – they eventually rolled out the other side, but it scared me to death. We’ll keep them apart and have a squirt gun handy for when he tussles break out and hopefully this too shall pass. 

Hopefully the othe 4 won’t cost as much since their teeth aren’t as bad.  Knock on wood.


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