What did I spend my money on before I had 5 dogs?

I went to the pet store tonight to get a “few” things.  My heck!  I spent $131 before I knew what hit me.  I got another dog bed – $49 (but it matches my sofa!), 2 belly bands (which were both too small so I have to take them back.  Don’t believe it when they say “small” fits a dachshund up to 15 pounds.  Liars.), 2 packages of DentaBones, a camo kerchief for Ruger that says “Ha! Now you can’t see me” (I know, not necessary, but FUN), and 2 bobos.  Oh, and a box of “diapers” for the belly bands.   Then tonight we had a major dog fight over the bobos.  I took them away for the night – kind of reminds me of when the kids were little and I had to take their toys away to keep them from fighting.  Ben is still mumbling in his sleep at the injustice of it all!  Silly boy.  Johan is having his teeth cleaned on Monday – thank heaven – we can hopefully get rid of his latrine breath.   I have never smelled such bad breath in a dog.  Ick.  By then I should be broke.  Again.  Oh well, at least these things are getting done.  All the dogs need dentals, luckily February is dental month at the vet’s, 15% off.  I just couldn’t wait even a week more for JoJo.  Rank doesn’t begin to describe the horrible odor that comes from his mouth.  And he loves me.  He loves to sit on my lap and gaze at me and breathe that horrible stench in my direction.  Ugh.  He’s such a sweet little guy, I really adore him, but I just don’t have the stomach for it any more.

Ben is coming out of his shell more and more.  He’s starting to play with the toys.  He’ll carry a couple, one at a time to some secret place then he comes in the living room and lays down on the dog bed.  You can hear the wheels start to spin about 10 seconds later.  “What if Ruger (Heidi, Buttercup, or JoJo) find it?”  Better move it.  So he gets up, gets the toys and moves them all back to the living room.  Then he lays back down.  “Oh no!  I put them out in plain sight!  What was I thinking!?”  Then he gets up and moves them again.  This entertains him for hours.  Finally he’ll realize that one of them squeaks and then he has to do what Charlie used to do, squeak, squeak, squeak, squeak, SQUEAK, squeak, squeak… But he has fun, so that’s what it’s all about. 

 Everyone else seems to have settled back into their daily routines, realizing that Ben and JoJo are here to stay.  They’ll even lay down with the “interlopers” for a bit before coming to their senses and going to find somewhere else to be comfortable.  It will all work out, I’m sure.  I have to admit, it’s very rewarding (for lack of a better word) to adopt rescue dogs.  I miss having puppies around, but I don’t miss the housebreaking (well, we do have a little problem now and then, but nothing like a puppy!).  I don’t miss the chewing.  And I really think these old rescued ones are just so darn grateful to have a place to call their own that it makes me feel good to give them a good warm home, soft beds, and good food.  That’s the least I can do for all the love I get in return. 


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