Blue Monday and Thank God for Propane

I’m freezing.  Seriously.  I think my hands were blue earlier.  It’s like 9 below zero.  What the heck?  Mother nature is certainly the jokester isn’t she?  We have fall and winter, all the way into mid-January with above normal temperatures and then – BLAMMO!  She socks us a good one.  With not enough snow either, I might add.  My office, my home office, where I should be nice and snuggly warm no matter the weather… Yeah, it’s freezing.  I have Steve’s proapne heater in here to make it bearable.  I can’t type with numb fingers.  I can’t type anyway, so what difference does it make… I can hear you now, bitchsister!  But the smell of the propane… I’m wondering if being warm is really necessary! 

I’m really looking forward to going to bed later this morning. We got 2 new down pillows at Younker’s yesterday.  I about swallowed my tongue, DH actually paid $130 each for them (but they were 50% off).  Now I feel guilty there are a bunch of poor naked geese wandering around, but I love my down pillows.  AND I got a pair of flannel sheets (snuggly!) for only $19.99, regularly $90!  What a deal.  Now if I could just get the FIVE dogs to realize they’re dogs and they don’t have to sleep with me when DH goes to work, maybe I’d have a good night’s (day’s) rest!

The sisters and I went to a visitation tonight at the creepiest funeral home in Omaha.  It has neon signs outside with the name of the mortuary on it.  Oh yes, it does.  Creeps me out every time I drive by it.  But, the mother of one of sister #3’s friends passed away and since they used to live down the street from us, all three of us (sisters 1, 2, and 3) went together.  It wasn’t quite as bad inside as I expected (the funeral home I mean, not beintg out with my sisters), but I’ve never been to such a viewing where everyone was laughing.  Everyone.  Then sister #3, who has the tattoo, had to go in the bathroom with her friend’s husband to show him her tattoo… Don’t worry, his wife went too.  LOL!  What IS this world coming to?  In a funeral home no less.  And then, the parking lot is about half a block from the stupid place and it was freezing.  I wore jeans.  I know I’m the first one to be offended when anyone else wears jeans to visitations, etc., (really, show some respect will ya?), but after all, it was so freaking cold I sure wasn’t going to wear a dress and I have no dress pants, so… Jeans it was.  It was still icy, and the long walk… I know the funeral home was probably just trying to drum up business…

Death always seems to come in 3s doesn’t it?  Not always famous people, either.  The mother of a friend of mine also passed away this weekend, and I read in the paper that another girl I used to work with died of pancreatic cancer this weekend.  That’s 3.  That’s enough.  Finis!

On a brighter note (much)  Elder Woodfield’s mission is over and his parents came out to go home with him.  Isn’t that cool?  They came over today for lunch, so we got to meet them before they had to go.  They were really nice – as if I expected anything else.  I had a nice talk with his mom while the men when to go look at the woodstove (men!).  Hope they had a good flight back to Utah, and that it wasn’t delayed too long.  This storm is really hanging on over the eastern part of the country now.  Bah. 

After they left, I slept right though the vet’s appointment.  Again.  For the second time in a week.  We’re going to try again for Friday.  I hope I make it.  I have to get something for JoJo’s breath.  It’s the most vile thing I’ve ever encountered.  It’s bad!  Sister #2 says it smells like  garbage truck in the summer, and I’m not saying what Sister #3 said.  But I think she was closer to the real target!  Ack. 

 Bizarre dreams while I was sleeping, but that’s for another post, I have to get back to work. 



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3 responses to “Blue Monday and Thank God for Propane

  1. Oy! It’s cold here too. Our low was in the negatives last night and our high didn’t even crack freezing. I curse El Nino for this…some one should ground that kid!

  2. Bitchsister

    Aren’t there like toxic fumes that come from those propane heaters? Good night! Get a good electric one…that way I can borrow it when my furnace goes out again…like it has THREE times since the snow started falling! After $500 you’d think they’d get it right, but noooooooo! They think they’ve FINALLY fixed it though. When I was at work the other night, I kept calling the twins to make sure no one was ill from carbon monoxide…I kept making Sarah wake the dogs up! I figured if those little b$stards were okay, the kids were fine. LOL!

  3. Oh my heck – now everyone knows why I call you bitchsister! LOL! Love you!

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