Weather Channel versus Omaha meteorologists

Here’s the story… Our weather persons (no way am I going to spell meteorologist again) have been saying for 2 days now that we’re going to have “significant snow” between Saturday and Sunday.  It’s supposed to start snowing tomorrow we’ll have an inch or 2 and then it’s supposed to stop until Sunday when it’s supposed to start again with a total accumulation of 6-8 inches.  Woo hoo!  I’m all for it!  Bring it on. 

 Then I check the Weather Channel tonight.  We have a chance of “snow showers” tomorrow and only a 40% chance of snow on Sunday.  What the heck?  Who’s gonna win this coin toss?  Maybe the local guys (and gals) are right.  After all they did predict this ass freezing cold that came in last night and has made me want to hibernate by the woodstove the rest of the time. 

 Cold.  Yes, it is cold.  In my office I have a space heater because I’m always cold.  Always.  Usually if I shut the door in my office within an hour the heater is registering 83 degrees (that’s not the actual room temperature, I have no idea what actually is 83 degrees, but it’s comfortable).  Tonight it’s been on for 4 hours and hasn’t gotten about 74.  I’m freezing.  My fingers are blue, and that doesn’t make for good typing.   I may need to go get the propane heater.  Yes, I do want snow.  No, I don’t want any more cold.


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