Singing fish?

When I make typographical errors I seem to be obsessed with marine life.  And I’m not talking the “We’ll make a man of you” marines either.  Semper Fi! 

Tonight while typing several EGDs I’ve been typing vocal cods instead of vocal cords.  Maybe that’s just a variation of having a frog in your throat?

Reminds me of when I worked at the police department and for some reason I could not type “rescue squad” always ended up as rescue squid.   I wonder how many reports I typed that way that never got caught?  LOL! 

My biggest blooper by far though also happened when I worked at the police department.  Whenever Nebraska plays in a bowl game the wonderful citizens of Omaha – and the drunken brawlers all seemed to congregate at the corner of 72nd and Dodge in the Crossroads Mall parking lot to celebrate the victory (or wallow in defeat).  One year when we were going to go to the Orange Bowl I worked at the Northwest Precinct, which included the aforementioned mall area.  My captain was planning on taking a few days off and asked me to write a letter to all the merchants at Crossroads Mall and in the adjacent area, along with the mall management, letting them know we were going to have an Orange Bowl contingency meeting to plan for any problems that might arise with the festivities.  (The previoius year some drunken reveler had actually punched a police horse in the face- idiot. I wish the horse had taken a chunk out of his shoulder, or better yet, taken the hand off at the wrist.)   Trusting soul that my captain was, he told me to go ahead and sign the letters with his name and get them mailed out since the date for the meeting was rapidly approaching.   I’d done this in the past with no problems.  However, this year, I was also doing medical transcription and my fingers obviously had a mind of their own. 

When my captain came back to work Monday and found a copy of the letter in his inbox, he came into my office and asked in all seriousness if “orange bowel” was a common disease.  I had no idea what he was talking about, until he showed me the letter where I had advised every merchant within a 6-block radius of 72nd and Dodge that the Omaha Police were holding an “Orange Bowel contingency meeting”.  Not once, but through the entire letter I referred to the event as the Orange bowel.  I was so embarrassesd, I could have fallen through the floor!  He got a good laugh out of it, God bless him.  He had quite a reputation for being a real PITA, but we never had any problems getting along.

 As an addendum, I guess this stuck with him too – I ran into him a year ago at the airport where he was working security.  He asked me if we’d had any more problems with Orange bowel infecting Omaha.  There are some things that no matter what you do, you’ll never live down.   


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