Hysterical (anti) Mary Kay Poetry

Pink Truth has it going on over there today.  A couple of these have actually made me cry I was laughing so hard.  I had to share a couple of my favorites.

 There once was a woman from Dallas
Who lived in a pink frothy palace.
She peddled a dream
By selling face cream
To anyone born with no phallus.


Mary had a little scam
it was bottled up in pink-
and everywhere the ‘bots’ would go
the room was sure to stink.


my love note to Mary Kay Ash

Roses are red
Violets are blue
your business SUCKS
and so do you!


Throw throw throw away
All your section two
Throw it on your directors porch
With a note that says screw you


 A once pink conultant in Nantucket
Looked at Pink Truth and said _____ ______
I am tired of the sham
Being poor has no Glam
so take back all this crap and just shove it.

There’s more, but these were definitely my favorites.  Good job Tracy!



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2 responses to “Hysterical (anti) Mary Kay Poetry

  1. Patty Woo

    Wow…sounds like if you had spent more time actually working your Mary Kay business and not wasting it on the computer then you might have been a little more successful. I have supported myself and my daughter successfully and honestly for the past 12 years from working my Mary Kay business as have many others that I know. It is a shame that you and others like you might ruin that for someone else by spreading your negative and mean comments. That is fine if it didn’t work out for you. It is not for everyone however why would you want to stop someone else from trying when they might be successful. Just because it didn’t work out for you doesn’t mean it is not for someone else.

  2. Lisa

    Wow…..sounds like you never read or heard what Mary Kay’s priorities where. That was god first …sounds like he is not in your life at all. Family second…with all the hate you have for a women that achieved her goals i could’nt even amagine you having a family. Career third …. with that attitude good luck in even having one.

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