Who are you again?

Two posts from me today, aren’t you lucky?  I was over on Eden’s blog and was reminded of a story that happened to me in my last ward.  It was kind of funny, but at the same time it kind of ticked me off.  I didn’t really care for this bishop anyway (ducking lightning) but this cinched it.  If I hadn’t been moving I probably would have gone inactive! LOL.

First of all a friend of mine was in the ward (congregation) primary presidency.  Primary is the Sunday School for children under the age of 12.  Her son had been called on a mission and they hadn’t yet found someone to substitute for the class that he taught.  Five year olds.  I wonder why they couldn’t find someone…. Anyway, she asked me if I would be willing to take the class until someone else was called.  I said sure.  I don’t know what I was thinking.  Of course if there’s someone in there battling the demons, er, uh, I mean, teaching the class, of course nobody is going to be in a hurry to get someone called.   The other thing was, the bishop’s demon spawn son was in this class.  I have a son too, who by some miracle and a lot of divine intervention has reached the age of 23.  He has ADD, and believe me, he was a holy terror growing up.  I’m by no means unable to handle unruly children.  Maybe it was the fact that this was the bishop’s son and subconsciously I was afraid to go take him to his parents week after week after week, but after about 3 months the strain of this class was beginning to get to me.   Luckily, we were preparing to move out of the ward (or I swear I would have had a nervous breakdown, living on the edge as I do anyway) so I told my friend that I couldn’t teach the class any more.  I also have to admit that Primary was the last 2 blocks (hours) of church, and I usually skipped sacrament meeting to stay home and prepare my lesson being the eternal procrastinator that I am. 

Well, the Sunday after I taught my last class I went to Sacrament meeting and the bishop comes up to me, extends his hand and says, “Hello, I’m Bishop XZY.  I don’t think we’ve met before.”  WHAT??!!  I just looked at him, took his hand and said, “Bishop, of course you know me, I’ve been teaching your son’s primary class for the past 3 months.” So he says, “Oh yes, Sister K!  I heard you were moving, we’re really going to miss you.”  Again – WHAT?!?!  Thirty seconds ago you didn’t even KNOW me and now you’re going to MISS ME WHEN I’M GONE?  I just stared at him.  Whatever.  I mean, he could have recovered by saying something like, “Oh, did you cut your hair” or “I’m sorry I just didn’t recognize you”, but to tell me they were going to miss me after that… Oh well.   It’s not like we live in Utah and have huge wards here in the middle of nowhere either, and I had been in to talk to him about some other things on occasions.  I guess I wouldn’t have felt so bad if it had been anyone else in the ward, but the bishop…?  It really ticked me off at the time, but in retrospect I have to laugh about it.  And I’m just glad I never have to worry about being bishop.



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3 responses to “Who are you again?

  1. I had a similar experience, but it was with my visiting teachers. They would only drop cookies on my door, month after month after month. The little notes always said things like ‘we really love getting to know you’, I thought how odd, seeing as how you’ve never even had more than a 5 minute conversation with me. Anyway, one month, I lost my job and a bunch of other things happened, so it was pretty crappy. One day at church one of the sisters came up to me and asked if they could come by. I said yes, but don’t you dare leave me a plate of useless cookies or a note telling me how much you love me, because you don’t even know me. All they could say was, ‘you didn’t like our cookies?’ They just didn’t get it, and soon I moved too.

  2. Kinda sad, isn’t it? Not that I’m always perfect, but I’m not going to pretend like I’m somebody’s best friend when I don’t even KNOW them. Ah well. Mere mortals…

  3. LOL! I had the same thing happen to me from the RS Pres. After being in the ward for almost 3 years and her living behind me for the last year, she came up to me asking if I had just moved in. Uhhh… Your kids throw their balls over the fence all the time and come over to get them and I’ve been sitting here for 3 years staring at you every week! LOL Guess I’m not that memorable. haha

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