The family grows by 2!

Of course I’ve still been feeling a bit depressed about the loss of Charlie Brown, so Steve and I had been thinking about getting another dog.  Granted, I was a thinking a little bit more about it than Steve was, but I really missed CB, and thinking that we could help a homeless or older dog really appealed to me.  I mean we have a big enough house and a fenced in yard, why not? 

I talked to the people at 7 Bells Sanctuary in Missouri, where we had originally gotten Charlie, and they were most anxious to help us with adopting another dog.  Judy, who works there, had even told me that we should maximize our fuel efficiency and take 2!  I told her I didn’t think Steve was willing to go quite that far!  I really did think one of the dogs she had was just darling – of course another doxie, and I kind of told her about it… Well, she found a couple who was coming up to Omaha who would be willing to be Johan with them – and as a bonus she added that she would throw in Ben, and we could either foster him or adopt him, whatever Steve decided.  I’d be lying if I said Steve was thrilled.  But the dogs came and… they both here to stay.  I’m on my work computer now and don’t have pics available, but if you want to see, you can go to and take a look.  They’re so cute! 

Johan is the oldest at 11-1/2 and Ben is 10 or thereabouts.  Our other 3 were less than thrilled (of course), but after only a day or so they’re beginning to warm up to them.   I’m just glad to be able to give a home to some dogs who otherwise might live out their lives in a sanctuary or shelter.  Not that 7 Bells isn’t an excellent place, but every dogs deserves a home.  I wish I could do more.


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