Thanks for the insight, Pat

I found this on CNN tonight – Pat Robertson is predicting that there will be mass deaths in the US in late 2007 from a terrorist attack.  I’m wondering if he uses Tarot cards or uses a crystal ball.  I’m not saying that Mormons have the markete cornered on revelation, but I do think this kind of thing scares more people than it helps. 

Am I shocked by his announcement?  Not really.  Our own church leaders have been telling us for years to be prepared with our food storage (with a lot more counsel to take care of this as soon as possible recently), and making preparations for disaster, and I really don’t terrorism in our country will end with 9/11.  All you can do is be prepared.  I’m glad his “track record” is so good.  You think if you’re talking to God your track record would be 100%.  Of course that’s just my opinion. 



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2 responses to “Thanks for the insight, Pat

  1. The reason we’ll have a terrorist attack is because of the stupid crap that comes out of Pat Robertsons mouth. I swear, someone gave him a second helping of stupid.

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