Anyone need manure for your garden?

Here’s another load of BS from a Mary Kay director.  Thanks again to Pink Truth for sharing this. 

The stuff never ends with these people.  If my former director had e-mailed me with something like this I would have pulled my head out of my pink cloud a lot sooner!  The gall of this woman!  It’s the last part of December and she’s worried about her Cadillac so she wants her consultants to cough up another $600 order.   She’s $42,000 short when she needed $48,000 for the quarter? What the heck has she been doing for 3 months?  It always kills me the way directors talk about “our Cadillac” like you’re going to drive it.  All you did was fork over the money for it.  That’s it.  Ridiculous.  I can’t believe adults fall for this line of reasoning.  (Myself included.)  All I wanted to do was make a little money staying home doing part time work.  I sure didn’t intend to sign on with Satan!  That’s sure what it sounds like though.  Glad I’m done with the stuff.  I actually felt good to pay 6 bucks for a mascara at Walgreen’s the other day!  And guess what?  Nobody could tell the difference!  LOL! 



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2 responses to “Anyone need manure for your garden?

  1. This is why I have shyed away from MK. I had a roommate who was a MK lady and all she wanted me to do was host parties and sell for her. NO WAY! I mean, I hated door knocking on the mish, in my mind this is about the same as that. Personally, I’m an Estee Lauder girl, that I can buy in my jammies on the internet.

  2. Unfortunately, this is the reality for many directors every month. It is very stressful when you are reaching for a goal and some of these women want it so bad, they just can’t see that what they are doing is sooooooooooo wrong.

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