And so another year begins…

We didn’t do anything.  Not one thing.  Watched some show about this little cake shop in Baltimore (I think)  where they make the most amazing looking cakes!  Steve asked me if it inspired me and I told him no, it just makes me depressed because of how cool they are! I think it would be so cool to learn to be a pastry chef and then bake cakes for a living.  If I were younger and squeezing a bag of frosting for an hour didn’t mean having to take painkillers the next day!  The cakes were just amazing.  You would think after watching like 6 episodes I’d remember the name of the place, but I don’t! 

 Today is my holiday to work.  I’ve already done almost 2 hours – I’m on call until midnight tonight though, so I can’t take my Ambien.  No sleep for me.  Catnaps maybe, but no sleep.  Which is really okay.  I got a new Nicholas Sparks book the other day, so now I can finish it.  I also got a DC adaptor/charger for my iPod so I can listen to that and read all night.  Steve is going rabbit hunting tomorrow, er, today, so I can sleep any time I want to.

Judy (Charlie Brown’s “Grandma Judy”) from 7 Bells and I have been corresponding about a rescue she has named Johan.  A beautiful longhair doxie – he’s so darling.  No health problems either.  Although I loved Charlie to pieces and miss him very much, it would still be nice to not have to have the vet on speed dial!  Take a look at Johan here.  It looked for awhile today like we might be able to take him, but I guess now isn’t the right time.  Judy doesn’t think the vet will be open tomorrow and he needs to have a certificate of health if anyone but the owners take him out of Missouri.  Someone she knows was coming close enough that I could pick him up on Tuesday.  Well, I’ll be patient.  If and when it is meant to be, it will be.  

The snow was so pretty falling today!  Who knows when we’ll have any more this winter – of even IF we’ll have any more this winter, so I tried to enjoy it as much as I could.  From inside the house.  That’s the beauty of snow and working at home.  You don’t have to go out in it unless you want to!  I worked 2 hours of OT and just watched it! 


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