Yay!  I awoke this morning to snow!  We did get the rain, finally.  I had despaired of even getting that, but it finally came.  Last night I saw we were in a winter weather advisory and they were calling for – oh boy – a whole inch of snow!  Well, it’s better than nothing.  When I got up this morning, there it was! And more to come.  Now maybe 2-4″.  Our last snow of 2006.  Just in time, too. 

I was so tired this morning.  I still feel kind of looopy, like I didn’t get enough sleep.  I know I did because I was having weird dreams when I woke up, but still, I feel sluggish.  I got the results of my thyroid test and it was low again, so they had to up the new dose.  I didn’t take any yesterday because I hadn’t picked it up.  Steve went to get it today and the doctor had called it in to the wrong Walgreen’s.  They offered to fill it for him, but he said that was okay, the other store already had it and it’s not that far, so he went to get it there.  They only had 5 pills, so they’ll fill the rest on Tuesday.  Oh no you won’t.  My prescriptions are free through today!  My new dedictible year starts tomorrow obviously.  I called the first Walgreen’s to see if they would fill the additional 25 pills for me.  Augh. 

I’m so happy about the snow!  Later!


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