Update on the tiger throw

The thing never did show up (haha – I almost typed throw up).  Now I’m wondering where the darn thing is?  Do you suppose maybe she only thought she bought it?  I can’t believe someone would break into a house (in LaVista no less – people break out of LaVista) and then steal one Christmas present.  I’m thinking it was a figment of her imagination. 


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  1. Meg

    We had one gift disappear this year, too. I have no idea what it was, but I counted the wrapped gifts for the kids, and they each had 17. Alas, when Perrin woke up Christmas morning, he only had 16 to unwrap! (Fortunately, we had wrapped a couple of things together, so we told him that we must have wrapped two together by mistake…that was NOT the case, though!) But that way he wouldn’t feel bad about it.

    Who knows where these things go? Maybe it will end up in someone’s dryer someday. You know, like the socks that wind up in mine that don’t belong to ANYONE I know. Or the underwear. Yeah…I found early-teen-girl-type panties in my dryer once. My daughter is SIX. Weird.

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