Well, Merry Christmas

Life goes on.  I finished up Charlie’s blog and posted some pictures, and added his tribute at the Dachshund Memorial, so I guess it’s all finished.  We pick up his ashes later this week, but I’m thinking with Christmas and everything it will probably be the beginning of the next week.  Then this crying jag will probably start all over again. 

We have to go to Sue’s I guess.  I thought maybe this would be a good reason to stay home, but no one else agrees with me.   Steve wants to have a Tremors marathon when we get home…  That’s right, make sure a man has all 4 movies and he actually wants to WATCH them.  Ugh.  At least we can light a fire in the woodstove and I can fall asleep on the sofa.  Heh.  That’s how I like to watch Tremors! 

Tomorrow we’re having people over for rolls and orange juice.  I had been thinking about making a hash brown omlette, or breakfast tacos, but quite frankly I don’t feel like cooking a darn thing.  So, Pillsbury here we come!  I wanted to get some bagels too, but I don’t think I’ll make it out to the Bagel Bin before they close.  I love Panera bagels too, but I don’t think we’ll have time for that either.  I still have to make a fruit salad, take a shower and get to church by 3:00 –

Never, mind, it didn’t happen.  LOL!  Never made it to church for Christmas.  What a night though.   Mom made special reindeer cookies for everyone out of graham crackers.  Cute, but I don’t like graham crackers.  If we heard once we heard a thousand times, “I made one for everybody.  Did everybody get their reindeer cookie?”  Finally, after she asked about 10 times (seriously) in 15 minutes, I told her to relax and sit down.  Cripes, it’s freaking cookie!  And I hate graham crackers, so I was trying to get somebody to eat mine.  Augh.  Then she bought Sue a tiger throw – which disappeared somewhere between her house and Sue’s.  She’s sure she took it over and it just wasn’t there.  My gosh, you would have thought a she bought her a gold boullion.  Where is it? Where is it?  Steve, do you have it by mistake?  Mindi did you open it by mistake?  Meghan?  Mike?  Amy?  Where’s the tiger throw?  It wasn’t to be found.  Then after we go home she called again to see if any of us had it.  Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!  We all know Sue likes tigers.  We don’t.  If we had the damn thing, I would have given it to Sue.  It’s probably still sitting in her closet, unwrapped because she forgot she put it there.  I could scream.  Then, Steve and I are standing in the living room and she walks up and says, “We’re going to church tonight at 10:30.  Do you think Mindi would want to go?”  Hello! ?  Am I invisible here?  Steve said, “I don’t know, why don’t you ask her?”  “Oh, I didn’t see you there.” Okay, let’s take the loot and run.  I don’t care about dinner.  I just need to get OUT!   Oh, and THEN… No prayer at dinner!  On Christmas for Pete’s sake! 

Too many people, too small of a house, too much smoke, too much clutter, just too much for Mindi without Paxil to take.  We ate and opened presents and finally escaped.  We were home by 9:00.  Ah! 

Steve loves his train and Meg loves her camera.  I love my stuff.  We’re all happy.  Yeah.  One big happy family.  Oy.


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  1. Bitchsister

    Mindi, Mindi! I loved your Christmas blog! I’m so glad I had a quiet Christmas at home with Dan & the twins! We DID make it to midnight services at church…our church anyway. It was beautiful with all the candles.

    Thanks so much for brunch this morning! It was wonderful and Steve canolis (?) were to die for!


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