the chick has come home for the holidays and other tales

Meghan’s car broke down (I know, I can hardly believe it myself), so she’s been home for the past couple of days.  It wouldn’t be a problem, but she brought this nasty bug home with her and I have a feeling it found another victim.  I took a short nap before work tonight and woke up with a sore throat.  I’m hoping that if I get it, I’ll get it bad enough to skip the holiday celebration at SIL’s house, but I doubt if I’ll be that lucky.  😦

Meg had an interview at Iowa School for the Deaf today, it went well.  Hopefully, she’ll get the job.  It has some benefits, but she forgot to ask what.  I’m hoping that it might be health insurance.  That would be great.  I can’t imagine not having health insurance.  I wonder if they’d include her car as a dependent.  Just a thought.

Ruger (my fur baby whose picture graces my blog) has a “lesion” on his nose.  I hate doctor-speak.  The vet said it could be 1 of 4 things – a cancerous lesion (but he doesn’t feel this is likely – whatever), lupus (but he doesn’t think it is because it only involves the side of his nose), a ganuloma, or he just doesn’t know.  I wonder where the canine Mayo Clinic is located.  Anyway, we started him on prednisone so now we both get to be fat.  Oh wait, he only has to take his for 2 weeks.  If the “lesion” goes away it was probably only a granuloma, but it could also indicate that it was lupus.  If it doesn’t go away he has to go back and have a biopsy done on his nose.  Poor sweetheart.  He’s such a good dog, even if he is a little bit of a ‘fraidy cat.  He also had to have his anal glands cleaned out and nails cut.  He was quite put out with us for the rest of the evening and wouldn’t even come into the office with me when I went to work last night.  It wasn’t until this morning that he decided to forgive me. 

Then, our poor Charlie Brown…  He was a little male dachshund we got from a rescue in Missouri.  He had been turned in to be euthanized by a puppy mill and was rescued from there.  He wasn’t in the best of health when we got him, as a matter of fact we took him in as a hospice foster home.  No one thought he’s live more than a month, 6 weeks at that most.  We had him a year last Labor Day, but he’s getting a little more ill all the time.  He has chronic kidney failure, congestive heart failure, and then something that has caused most of his hair to fall out and his skin to get thick and scaly.  He’s the most pathetic thing you have ever seen in your life.  Well, a cross between pathetic and ugly as sin.  He’s the most lovable little guy you could imagine though.  I just can’t imagine life without him.  He’s been failing a little faster it seems, so we had a consult with his vet today about euthanasia.  Of course the vet won’t say, “Yes, you should put this poor creature out of his misery” or “No, by all means keep pumping money into him like you have it”.   Charlie has been sleeping about 23 hours a day.  He only gets up to eat and go outside.  (And sometimes he just uses his (papered) floor in his little room rather than go outside.  Between the vet and I we decided that after the first of the year we’d probably put him to sleep.  I swear I think he knew what we were talking about.  He was all over the place tonight.  He didn’t sleep for more than 10 minutes all evening!  It was like he took Geraspeed or something!  (Anybody remember Verne Gagne’s Geraspeed?)  LOL!  Anyway… Now Steve doesn’t think we should be thinking about having him PTS.  We’ll see how the next week or so go.  He’s not going to get better, but if he shows a little interest in what’s going on around him… Well, we’ll have to see. 

The entire western half of Nebraska is in a winter storm advisory for tomorrow and part of Thursday.  Do you think we’re going to get snow?  On heck no.  Rain.  Just rain.  In December!  I WANT SNOW!  Yes, I’m unbelievably selfish because I don’t have to go out and muck with the ice and snow since I don’t work out of the house, nevertheless, it is December, this is Nebraska, and we should have snow.  I’m tired of waiting.  I’m tired of brown grass, naked ugly trees, and no snow.  Make it snappy with the snow! 

 Okay.  Back to work. 


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  1. Whatever happened to your poor dog? Has he been OK?

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