My husband the missionary

Steve had to go to Chicago today for business (ick).  He called tonight to tell me he had a Muslim cab driver from the airport to his hotel.  Which I think is better than a Muslim pilot… (Just kidding!)  Anyway, he said the whole way to the airport the guy just kept going on and on about religion and Allah, and how Mohammed (excuse my spelling) was the last prophet.   I was laughing while Steve was telling me all this, it was kind of cracking me up, so I said at this point, “What did you have to say about that?”  He said he asked him why there wouldn’t be a prophet on the earth today.  I about fell out of my chair.  Who would have thought that after only 20 years Steve would think of such a thing?  He said the cab driver told him the Mormons believed that, but of course he didn’t.   Steve said the cab driver told him to ask for him when they go the airport tomorrow, he’d give him a copy of the Koran.  (I asked him if he was staying at the Marriott, maybe he could “lift” the room copy of the Book of Mormon and trade him.  Unfortunately, he’s staying at the Hilton.  I don’t want to know what they put in the nightstands.  Probably autographed pictures of Paris Hilton, and who’d want that?)  I told him not to take the Koran, all we need is to be on the Department of Homeland Security watch list because of some cab driver in Chicago.   I have to admire the cab driver though, if I were Muslim I don’t think I’d be so eager to share my religious message with people.  Not in this day and age, thank you.  But then again, if you truly believe what you preach, you shouldn’t be afraid to share, should you?  Interesting. 


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  1. I think that is amazing. I have never heard of a Muslim prosletyzing. (Did I spell that right?) If people are more open about what they believe, then at least they are trying to connect with others. There’s such a dividing line, culture-wise in this country. If a dialogue is opened about faith, maybe it can turn to the ball game, the weather, family, or the finer point of making brews (in Steve’s case). 🙂

    I’m surprised the cab driver knew about the Mormons having a prophet today. Few people know that. (Until Romney’s campaign gets higher profile then look out.) How much ya wanna bet that cabbie’s had an RM or two in his cab?

    That’s funny about Steve. I know a couple where the wife doesn’t believe and is always the one dragging her Catholic husband off to mass because she knows he feels better when he goes and guilty when he doesn’t. heh I guess yer fella’s got some surprises in him yet. He holds his cards close to the vest.

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