Holiday Motel – Minneapolis, MN

Isn’t it funny how hearing a song you haven’t heard for years probably can take you back to an exact moment in your life?  I was working tonight and just stopped for a second when I heard Eddie Rabbit on the radio singing “Drivin’ My Life Away” and instantly I was taken back to the bar at the Holiday Motel in Minneapolis.  Actually, I think it was Golden Valley, but close enough.  I do remember it was on Olson Memorial Highway.  I wonder if it’s still there.  I hope not, it was a falling down dump 25 years ago, but the only place we could stay for next to nothing on our many trips to Minnesota.  That was one of the craziest weekends of my life – late July1980.  I remember so vividly becauase it was the next weekend I conceived Meghan.   We (Dorothy and I) had gone to the TV studio and had just come back from a taping of All Star Wrestling.  (Don’t even get me started on that subject…) But everyone was at the bar afterward and we were having a blast.  I got to drive Buck’s car to our hotel room because it was about a block away from the bar.  I didn’t have a license at the time, so that was kind of cool.  We were supposed to go to a county fair later that evening, but Mad Dog Vachon’s daughter was instrumental in starting an argument between myself and Buck, so Dorothy and I ended up not doing anything that evening, except maybe shopping or something.  What a crazy day!  At that time in my life I was spending probably every weekend in Minneapolis and I was really thinking about maybe moving up there because I didn’t have a full-time job in Omaha and figured I’d probably be able to find one up there just as easily.  I think the only thing that stopped me was the fact that I didn’t drive and the bus system up there intimidated me.  Still does. 

 Speaking of Minnesota, I did a survey-type thing for a friend of mine today and one of the questions was did I regret any part of my life.  Well, probably a smart person would say yes, but I’ve never been known for my superior intellect.  I really don’t regret anything I’ve done, even though some things have been pretty stupid – case in point would be the above weekend.  But I don’t regret doing any of it.  Everything I’ve gone through and every decision I’ve made has brought me to the point I’m at now.  The kids I have, the husband I have, everything, so I can’t say I regret any of it.   I thing everything ended up pretty well, considering some of the stupid things I’ve done!


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  1. I’m driving to MN new year’s weekend. I don’t plan on any wrestling adventures.

    Eh. Now I have eddie rabbit stuck in my head. Erghh…

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