Justice is Swift

So most everyone in the United States has now heard about the INS crackdown that took place a few days ago in 6 states, including Utah, Colorado, Nebraska, and Iowa.  Allegedly illegal immigrants were using counterfeit identification that had been made using the social security numbers of the homeless and dead people.  The first time I heard about it was when I saw an article on the local news about how the Grand Island (Nebraska) police refused to take part in the raid.  My first thought was, that had to be a misprint.  (God knows the channel 7 wedsite isn’t knows for it’s up-to-the minute news and good grammar).  Turns out that was right.  The Grand Island police wouldn’t participate because they don’t want the Hispanic community to see them as the bad guys and be afraid to come to them for help.  I have 2 problems with this.  Number 1, when you take the oath of a police officer and are sworn,  swear to uphold the laws of the state, and the cocuntry.  I think that’s what the INS was doing.  If you’re not helping, you’re part of the problem, and you’re certainly NOT upholding the laws.  Number 2, the Hispanic coummunity (at least the illegal part) should be afraid to come to you for help.  You are the law and they’re here illegally.  What part of that don’t you get? 

 Lest anyone think I’m totally heartless, I do feel sorry for the kids involved.  The kids who are American citizens because they were born here.  All the while their parents are here illegally, thinking that just because they have a baby in this country they’ll be able to stay.  BS.  That child has dual citizenship.  Take them home with you.  It’s awful for you to have put your children in that position, what were you thinking?  The analogy isn’t quite the same, but it reminds me of people who don’t give their children childhood immunizations because they heard the immunization can have aide effects.  Okay, then the kid gets Rubella and ends up deaf or blind, or gets rubella during their own pregnancy down the line and gives birth to a child with birth defects.  It’s sad, but it’s a choice those parents made.  They didn’t immunize the child, they have to live with the consequences.  Unfortunately, so does the child.  It really isn’t our problem.  It’s yours.  So take your kids go back to Mexico.   When you can return to this country legally, I’ll be the first one to welcome you as a new citizen.  But until then – be gone!

As for Swift – I hope they get the heavy fine they deserve.  Maybe since your industry has a habit of hiring illegals and then screaming when they get caught and ALWAYS say “we didn’t know” you need to have stronger inforcement in place and not just take things at face value.  Of course documenting whether or not the worker is truly a citizen takes some work and it’s much easier to look the other way.  That’s why I think they ought to fine you into bankruptcy.  Maybe you’d learn. 


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