Deck the halls with – CRASH

We finally decorated the tree the other night.  Meg dropped 2 of the ornaments and they of course broke all over the floor.  Steve decided that he’d better help so we still had some ornaments left – the second one he went to put on the tree he dropped too.  I don’t think we’ve ever lost 3 in a year!  Both of them blamed it on the wood floor.  Um hm.  I’m thinking on Steve’s part alcohol may have been a contributing factor although both claim that clumsiness wasn’t even a part of the equation, was it?  LOL!  At least no human or canine was injured in putting up the tree.  Meg thought it was sad that we cut down a live tree instead of letting it live in the forest.  She didn’t buy the story about the sad little tree that wanted to be a Christmas tree but was never chosen.  She was a lot easier to tell stories to when she was younger!



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2 responses to “Deck the halls with – CRASH

  1. Live trees are better than plastic ones, imo. A totally renewable resources and good for the environment while growing and when disposed of. Plus, gotta love the smell. Post some pics of your tree on flickr. And how do you keep the dogs away?

  2. Who says we keep the dogs away? I’ve already had to wash the tree skirt once. LOL. They don’t bother with it otherwise.

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