I hope everyone had a chance to give thanks today and spend a little time with their loved ones.   For the first time in 19 years I actually got to spend Thanksgiving with my famiily.   Dad came over with a dump salad that Pam had made (yummy – must ask her for the recipe).  Missy and Brad were here and both Meg and Matt managed to make it too.  I haven’t seen Matt for quite awhile.  He’s been calling, but just hasn’t had time or the inclination to stop by.  His hair is LONG, but he looks really good.  I would have taken pictures, but Meg “borrowed” my camera last week (maybe it was the week before), and I haven’t gotten it back yet.   It would have been great to have some pictures.  Dad had to go to work at 6, so he came in his uniform, which is his old police uniform sans patches.  It looked so funny to see him in it again.  He retired from OPD in 1983, so it’s been quite awhile!  He looked really good – he hasn’t aged a bit, I swear.  Which means in a couple years I’ll probably look older than him!  – Love ya dad! 

I made a turkey with dressing (stuffing, whatever), scalloped corn, gravy, my strawberry pretzel salad, and a relish tray.  Steve was in charge of the mashed potatoes, so he made the really good ones with roasted garlic, sour cream, and cream cheese – no calories there, but oh, so good. 

 It was nice to just have time to spend with family.  Mom and Bob came over after their dinner with Sue and her family.  Mom and Steve watched a movie, Bob and Brad watched a football game, while Missy and I watched Grey’s Anatomy – the kids were gone by that time.  Oh!  Grey’s Anatomy…. My, my, what a show tonight – and an extra 10 minutes!  What a treat!  I can hardly wait to download it and watch it again on my ‘pod.  Brad came in and was talking to Missy during a couple parts, so I missed a little bit, but WOW! 

Matt had some friends over last night and some of them left and got stopped by a cop not too far from the house with some beer in the car.   Of course they told the cop they had just left Matt’s house, so he got a ticket for procuring alcohol for a minor, even though he swears it was a BYOB party and he didn’t get them the beer.  Which might or might not be true, who knows? I wasn’t there.  I hope this doesn’t get him in too much trouble, but he’s a lot more optimistic than I am, with his past record.  He thinks it’ll be no big deal.  I’m not so sure.  I wish he could just leave the stuff alone, but I guess that’s too much to expect with his dad’s history.  On one hand I’m so grateful to have gotten out of that marriage in one piece, and on the other hand I’m so sorry I ever got into it to begin with.  Talk about mixed feelings!  Anyway, as far as Matt goes, you do the best you can with your kids while you can and after they grow up you just have to let go and let them fly.  Not as easy as it sounds.  I figure if I say it to myself enough, I’ll start to believe it. 


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