Happy Birthday Twinnies

The real twinnies – not Butera and Jadlowski (inside joke).

 Adam and Sarah are 12!  We went over to Mel and Dan’s for ice cream cake – yum.  It was wonderful, so great that the filling hurt my teeth, bring on the chocolate sistah!  I can hardly believe that it was 12 years ago I made stuffed shells and Mel didn’t get to eat any.  Twelve years since I had to call John at the barber shop and tell him to come home because her water broke.  Twelve years since Mel cried in the morning because her water was never going to break, she was miserably huge and the doctor said she wasn’t going to have those babies until her water broke – and gave birth less than 24 hours later!  What happened Mel?  Where did those little squirts go?  Sarrah’s feet are bigger than mine – and I have used to have the biggest ones in the family (the female side at least).  Adam is a little pistol, full of the devil that one.  I think Mel has her hands full with him.  He’s definitely another Matt!  LOL! 

I would have taken pictures of them, but Meg STILL has the camera – hint, hint, hint…

I wasn’t sure Meg knew where my blog was, I’m glad I didn’t mention what I got her from Amazon on here, since she apparently reads it ;0  And hey, bitch sister – I love you!


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One response to “Happy Birthday Twinnies

  1. Bitchsister

    I wonder the same thing every time I look at those two. I think, “There is no WAY they were in my tummy 12 years ago!”

    As for the big feet, I’m pretty sure they’re going to get bigger. I mean, she’s only 12 and wearing a womens 11?! John wears a 14! She’ll end up being 6’4″ yet!

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