Black Friday

I don’t get this whole frenzied shopping thing today.  About 35 years ago (yikes) I used to work at First Data – you know, the company that processes credit card sales.  It used to be clerks had to call in to get an actual authorization code, it wasn’t done electronically.  (Woo hoo, I’m feeling older by the second.)  Anyway, NOBODY got the Friday after Thanksgiving off.  Nobody, no how.  It was awful.  You couldn’t even call in dead.  Plus the phone lines were backed up all day long, until well after midnight our time thanks to those shoppers on the West Coast.  Every 15 minutes or so they’d announce how many called we were backlogged.  “Let’s move people – there are 8723 callers on hold this very minute!”  Talk about the pressure!  Heaven help you if you had to go to the bathroom or eat! 

Today, I don’t have to worry about that stuff (thank goodness) but I’m still working because I work for a hospital and hey, people still get sick, you know.  Not quite so much pressure though.  😉   As for the shopping, ugh.  You won’t catch me within a mile of a shopping center or store today (except for about 5 o’clock when I have to go purchase a couple iTune cards for my neice and nephew whose birthday parties are tonight.  And you’ll only catch me then because I was too STUPID to get that done earlier.  I’m wondering if I can buy them online…. I’ll have to check that out.  Put it on account or something.  I HATE crowds and I can guarantee that standing in line for a half hour or more will bring on a panic attack of gigantic proportions and I’m not goin’ there today!

I read today somewhere that there was a rush at a Wal-Mart down south when they opened at midnight and 3 people were injured.  This is for Christmas?  You’re willing to injure someone to get the 49.99 video player for your son?  All this in the name of peace on earth good will toward men?  You can have it.


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