Who would steal the sweet potatoes?

I’m losing my marbles, I swear.  No comments from the peanut galley.

I went to the store yesterday and bought everything I needed for dinner tomorrow and tonight I took a break to make the sweet potator casserole and – no sweet potatoes.   I distinctly remember buying them because, 1.  I hate/despite/loathe sweet potatoes and it was really galling to me that I had to make them.  2.  I was wondering if they were all packed in syrup or if I could buy them just plain., and 3.  The Kroeger brand was on sale so I was debating between that and a name brand (which for the life of me I cannot remember).  I remember putting 2 cans in my cart and wondering if that was enough.  So, where the hell are they?  I took almost everything out of my cupboards to look for them (why do I have matzoh ball soup?) and I can’t find them.  I also can’t find the receipt, which really ticks me off because it had a coupon at the bottom for 10 cents a gallon off gas at Kwik Shop, to see if I really did buy them or what.   Steve offered to go the store tomorrow to get some.  Fuhgeddabout it.  I don’t want to make them anyway.  Did I mention I HATE sweeet potatoes?


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