I’ve got that holiday feeling…

Depression, that is.  I always get depressed at Christmas.  I think it has a lot to do with my grandma passing away on December 10 – nearly 16 years ago.  I can hardly believe that.  It seems like just yesterday and I still can’t stand to see poinsettias.  They just about physically make me ill.  I remember before she died wondering how I was going to live without her and now she’s been gone for 16 years.  How did that happen, I wonder?

We’re having Thanksgiving over here.  I can’t remember if I went into all that before, or not, but we are, and I’m glad.  At least I was until I went to the grocery store today and realized I’m the only one cooking all this stuff.  In between working both days between now and then 4 hours on Thanksgiving itself, and trying to get some overtime in.  Bah.  I can do it, I’m superwoman!  (whatever…)

Dad came over today with 3 pumpkin pies.  I know he meant well, but there’s only going to be 7 of us, and I don’t like pumpkin pie.  I think we’re going to find out if the dogs like pumpkin pie! 😉

Charlie is still losing his hair.  He had a huge patch of skin come off in my hand while I was petting him the other day – with hair still attached.  That was kind of gross.  Poor little guy, he’s going to freeze his little rear off this winter.  He absolutely hates wearing his sweaters. 

The weather today was nothing to complain about though.  I wore a sweatshirt to the store and by the time I got home I was roasting.  Except for my hands.  My hands and nose have been really cold lately, isn’t that odd?

Well, I’ve been working since 4:30 (for the OT).  I’m going to take a break and watch Law and Order SVI and CI, and then go back to work.  Hopefully  until 6:30, but I really only HAVE to work until 3 a.m.  The rest is gravy.  Wish me luck.


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