Monday Murmurings

So, OJs book deal and interview on Fox are canceled?  What a pity.  Who cares what that jackass has to say?  Everyone knows he killed them, so I think it’s kind of a non-issue.  Now, if for some reason the whole double-jeopardy thing were abolished and you could retry someone for the same crime and he were the first person they chose… Hell yeah, THAT would be news.  Hearing him talk about it.  Not news, just a pathetic cry for attention.  No Thanksgiving at our house this year – well except for my kids and my dad and Pam.  Too, too bad.  Sue’s kids had to work at 3 and 4, so they wanted to eat at 1 o’clock.  No.  I’m not eating DINNER at 1 o’clock.  Besides, no one has changed dinner times at Thanksgiving or Christmas when my kids have to work.  So that means 12 less people at my house.  Hooray!  Although I think mom and Bob are coming over for dessert.  At least I don’t have to worry about my home being demolished! 😉 

Actually, I almost didn’t have to worry about Thanksgiving today.  I was sitting in a metting with about 10 other people when I took a drink of water and it went down the wrong way.  I mean totally down the wrong way, I couldn’t even gasp for breath.  Three people are asking me, “Are you okay?” and I’m shaking my head no because I could get NO air.  One of the moderators of the meeting ran across the hall for a nurse – hell we had a nurse in the room and all she did was sit there and look at me!  LOL.  Anyway, I finally recovered sufficiently to feel like a total ass.  Now I know how someone would feel after having had the Heimlich maneuver in a crowded restaurant!

Well Tom and Katie (finally) got married.  Are we all sufficiently in awe of that?  How many other people got married on Saturday?  We’ll never know because they obviously didn’t make World News Tonight, or whatever the heck news channel I was watching.  I turned it off.  Why is it such a big deal that they get married at all – I mean they already have a child, they’ve been lving together of who cares how long, and to top it all off they were “married” in a Scientology ceremony.  I guess that’s something to them, but to me it’s like being married in Alaska by anybody.  (You can do that in Alaska you know, get some soft of license to give you the authority to perform marriages for 1-day or 1 couple or whatever…  Odd, but when there’s only 3 people in the middle of no where and 2 of them want to get married I guess you gotta do what you gotta do…)  Think of the money that could have been donated to homeless people in the United States, or the Humane Society, or something more important than Tomkat’s wedding in Rome.  By all the guests and the new Cruises themselves.   What a waste of money.

Remember when you were a little kid and you daydreamed about movie stars?  You could daydream because you didn’t know every freaking thing about them, including the size of their underwear and shoes.  It was fun then.  Movie starts were exciting and glamourous.  Now they’re just kind of sad and pathetic – of course that’s just my take on it.  Probably why I don’t watch many movies.  Aside from the fact that I’d rather read the book.  My imagination is much better than anything I’ve seen from Speilberg. (Did I spell that right?)

Okay, except for maybe animation… I love animated movies – and not the weird anime stuff, I mean animation and the old claymation stuff (remember those saxaphone-playing, dancing grapes?)  Last night I watched “Over the Hedge”.  I loved it.  I thought it was hysterical.  I’m really looking forward to the release of “Happy Feet” on DVD, I don’t do movies in a theater.

Tomorrow Trans-Siberian Orchestra is in town.  I wish I had bought tickets, but I didn’t.  Last night I saw a video of theirs, the title of which escapes me for now, but Jewel was in it.  Oh my gosh, it was GREAT!  I immediately got on Amazon and bought a Christmas Trilogy which is 3 CDs and that DVD.  I can’t wait until it gets here.

Speaking of Christmas… How’s that Christmas shopping coming along?  I’m having fun this year, not having to worry about a stupid Mary Kay open house, or making gift baskets, or ordering, or working if someone would like some MK for Christmas (of course they wouldn’t).  Feels like a weight has been taken off my shoulders.  Not to mention the check I got for returning my stuff paid some bills and I had some left over for shopping!  My kids are getting some good stuff this year (at least I think so).  I did my shopping on because my back was killing me, and I got some good deals – no shipping or sales tax either.  Woo hoo! 

Speaking of, I was pretty ticked off at one of their vendors last month.  You know how you can buy stuff from other people who have stuff at a lower cost than Amazon?  It may be new or used, but they usually have a different price than Amazon… Anyway, I bought the second season of Grey’s Anatomy from one such vendor and NEVER GOT IT!  I contacted him by e-mail twice and never heard anything either.  Moron.  He had a 99% rating too.  Amazon sent me a survey on how I rated the transaction, I let them now EXACTLY how I rated the transcaction.  Don’t think I’ll be doing business with that particular company again.  But I (heart) Amazon!

Okay, this is starting to look like War and Peace, I better wrap it up!  Just in case I’m not back before Thursday… (You never know) Have a lot of turkey for those who can’t and enjoy your family!


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  1. I was glad to see the whole OJ thing be canceled as well. That last thing we need to do is give that guy more attention.

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