Bad Karma – if I believed in such a thing

I got this great job that I’m really looking forward to starting, right?  The only catch is, it’s about 30 miles away, which really is no problem, I’ve worked there before and I love the drive, so even that’s not really a catch.  I have a great car, never have any problems with it (except when I rear-end somebody who actually stopped for a yellow light – hello…), until this weekend.   Steve and I went up to the Trail Center the other night with a couple missionaries to watch a movie about Joseph Smith, and WHAM my car starts acting funny and the check engine light came on.  (No, it was NOT a sign.)  It did this a couple months ago and Steve just blew out the air filter and then the car ran fine, so I wasn’t really worred.  I just thought I needed a new air filter.  I asked Steve how much a new air filter was going to cost, figuring it would be about 20 bucks.   “Oh about 6 or 7 bucks”.  Well, maybe in HIS world, but I went to O’Reilly’s and it was $21.99 plus tax, which ticked me off because I had PLANNED on what he told me, so I called him at work. 

Me:  Hey, I thought you said an air filter was only going to be about 7 bucks.

Him:  Yeah.

Me:  No, it was 22 dollars.

Him:  No!  Where did you go?

 Me:  O’Reilly’s.

Him:  They’re pretty good on pricing.  (Like I’m lying about this.) 

Me:  Where did you think I went, the “Gold Plated Auto Parts Store?   (I hate that he thinks I can’t do anything right.  Ticks me off.)

So, he gets home last night and installs the new air filter and we drive out to Village Pointe.   Nope, the car is still sputtering away, and the check engine light is on.  I was so mad about the car I forgot to check out the new Apple Store.  Damn.  I had to take it in this morning and have it looked at.  I hate Stan Olsen Hyundai with a passion since they screwed me over with my driver’s side mirror after my accident.  I’m the one with bright blue duct tape holding the driver’s side mirror on a gold Santa Fe.)  Anway,  since my car doesn’t have the “old” spark plugs” and distributor, it has something called a something pack (am I technical or what?).  Six of them, since it’s a 6-cylinder.  Evidently they can’t tell which one is misfiring – at least that was my understanding, so iIt’s only going to cost $300 to fix the car.  Only.  That’s what the guy said, like I should be grateful it isn’t more.  Great.  Just freaking great.  Just when I think I’ll be making decent money I have to spend it all before I get it to fix the car.  Unfortunately I have to to work at the hospital to work for the next couple of weeks, starting Monday.  If I was doing my old job and working at home, I wouldn’t do it.  I’d let it sit for a bit.  (Yeah, right.  I’d have cabin fever in a week.) 300 bucks.  Crap. 

Then, while I’m sitting at home with the dogs this afternoon I notice that Charlie Brown has a huge bubble of pus (I know that gross, but that’s what it was) on his stomach.  So now after I get my car back this afternoon we have to take Charlie to the bet.  More money.  Sigh.  Why do I even try…?


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